Which is no 1 game in world?

Which is no 1 game in world?

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games 2020RankGameOnline Players1PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG)50 million2Fortnite Battle Royale39 Million3Apex Legends50 Million (1 Month)4League of Legends (LOL)27 Million6 •

Which is the No 1 Android game?


What are the top 3 free apps?

Top free appsZOOM Cloud Meetings. zoom.us. Walmart Shopping & Grocery. Walmart. TikTok. TikTok Pte. Disney+ Disney. Google Pay: A safe & helpful way to manage money. Google LLC. Cash App. Square, Inc. Hulu: Stream TV shows & watch the latest movies. Hulu. Shop: package & order tracker. Shopify Inc.

What are the 10 most popular apps?

Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps of 2020 (so far)TikTok. It’s no surprise that TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps of 2020. Zoom. This app, along with a few video conferencing apps, is definitely one of the most unexpected apps of 2020. WhatsApp. 4. Facebook. Messenger. Instagram. Google Meet. Google Classroom.

What is the most fun app?

Top 15 Fun Apps For Android And iOSYouCam Fun. YouCam Fun is one of the best fun apps fun apps developed by Perfect Corp for android and iOS users. Ant Smasher. Ant Smasher is a funny app developed for android and iOS device. iFunFace. My Virtual Boyfriend. Pictoword. Police Siren. MomentCam. Roposo.

What are fun addicting games?

9 Most Addicting Games in the WorldList of Most Addicting Games.Fortnite.League of Legends.PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)World of Warcraft.Minecraft.The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.Clash of Clans.

What is the most popular game app?

In September 2019, Google Play Games was the most popular mobile gaming related app in the United States with over 18.74 million monthly users. The highest individual game on the list was Pokémon GO, which averaged 10.66 million users in the same month.