When did the game Stratego come out?

When did the game Stratego come out?


Do bombs disappear in Stratego?

Miner strikes a Bomb, the Bomb is defused and removed from the gameboard. The Miner then moves into the Bomb’s space on the board. Bombs remain on the same square throughout the game unless they are defused. Bombs cannot attack or move.

Can the spy kill anyone in Stratego?

Every time the Spy strikes an enemy officer, the Spy diesunless this officer is the Marshal. If this happens, the Spy wins. And yes, if one Spy attacks another Spy, both die.

Can you tie in Stratego?

The piece with the worse rank (higher number, in the original edition) is defeated and removed from the board. In the case of a tie, when a piece attacks an opposing piece of the same value, both pieces are removed from the board.

How do you play original Stratego?

Place the gameboard between you and your opponent with the name Stratego facing each of you. Hide a red piece in one hand and a blue piece in the other. Your opponent chooses a hand and plays with the color army the selected piece designates. The other color army is yours.

Who made Stratego?

Jacques Johan Mogendorff