What was Twister originally called?

What was Twister originally called?

“They originally called it ‘Pretzel. ‘ But they sold it to Milton Bradley, which came up with the ‘Twister’ name.” The game became a sensation after Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor played it on “The Tonight Show” in 1966.

How can I protect my car floor in winter?

Cover up. Using floor mats in your car can help prevent snow, salt, and sand from being ground into the carpet. A flexible rubber car mat with a deep pocketed tray offers maximum protection for your car’s floors and should be able to withstand winter temperatures without cracking under pressure.

How do you protect rubber car mats?

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How do you make rubber floor mats shiny?

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Can you use Armor All on rubber floor mats?

Yes. Armor All® Protectant products are specially designed to protect, clean and shine rubber surfaces.

How do you make rubber shiny?

First, pour a half of a cup of cold water into a bucket, add a cup of baby oil, and three drops of dish soap. Second, stir them all together to thoroughly mix them up. Third, pour everything into a spray bottle and shake it up. Finally, spray it on the tire and some on a clean towel, before wiping the tire completely.

Can you use Armor All on WeatherTech floor mats?

Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive type cleaners as these products may damage the FloorLiners™ or All-Weather Floor Mats. We do not recommend the use of Armor-All®, Son-of-a-Gun® or any other silicone-based surface treatment, as this will make the surface slippery. 1) REMOVE ALL OTHER FLOOR MATS FROM THE VEHICLE.

How can I make my WeatherTech mats look new again?

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Are WeatherTech mats worth the money?

They’re definitely an improvement over the original carpeted mats. But, they don’t protect from spills, dust, and tiny debris like liners do—especially behind the pedals and against the sill plate. Only WeatherTech Floorliners can do that.

Does Armor All ruin plastic?

In addition to possible dash problems they may also damage clear plastic and other plastic parts as well as any interior leather.