What support does the most damage?

What support does the most damage?

Malzahar and Vel’Koz offer the highest 1-2 target damage, Brand and Zyra offer the best teamfight damage, AP Sona offers the best sustained damage and also brings a lot to teamfights….

  • Brand.
  • Vel’koz.
  • Zyra.
  • Lux( but dont play it )
  • Bard.
  • Morgana.
  • Zilean.
  • Sona.

Is Rakan a good support?

He gets a movement speed bonus and when he comes in contact with an enemy champion they get charmed for a few seconds. It also deals damage to the enemies hit. Upon stating his kit, I may say that Rakan is a good support. He’s not great but his kit is good for setting kills for his team especially his ADC.

Is Nami good 2020?

Nami is highly rated as one of, if not the best, supports in League of Legends at this time. That’s mostly due to her versatility, as she has a range of abilities that offer healing, buffs, engage and crowd control.

Who counters Leona support?

Leona Counter Pick

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Win Rate Play Rate
SionUndead Juggernaut 49.93% 2.04%
AlistarMinotaur 50.85% 2.78%
Tahm KenchRiver King 46.59% 1.06%
ThreshChain Warden 49.42% 11.32%

What is Leona weakness?

Leona is Weak Against. Bottom. 8 Comments. How to counter Leona as Morgana.

What should I pick against Leona?

Sivir can do well against Leona because you can eat her E, and spell shield her Q, letting you walk away. Anyone with some mobility is a safer pick. Leona is really strong pick right now.

Is Leona a good support?

Leona does very well to lock down her enemies and good engage from range. The issue is that in current solo Q her best matchups aren’t really appearing as much. If you want to climb from Bronze, then yes she’s a good support and you won’t have that many issues.

Who is the hardest league of Legends champion to play?

League Of Legends: The Hardest Characters To Play, Ranked

  1. 1 Azir. While no pick will be without controversy, Azir is on almost everybody’s top ten list.
  2. 2 Gangplank. The “jack of all trades and master of none” phrase fits Gangplank like a tailored suit.
  3. 3 Orianna. Perhaps no champion has a higher skill cap than Orianna.
  4. 4 Nidalee.
  5. 5 Yasuo.
  6. 6 Lee Sin.
  7. 7 Akali.
  8. 8 Vayne.

Is Leona good with JHIN?

Jhin and Leona is pretty decent. What you really should do is think about the match-ups and the overall situation. Leona and Jhin can win all-ins, but it depends on who they are up against, player lvls, number of minions and where the junglers are. Jhin has good waveclear and decent poke.

Why is Leona so expensive?

So, one reason as to why we are seeing Leona more is the fact that she has qualities in the meta that are in a situation where the demand is higher than the supply, which means (as all good economists will know) her value of recent times is at an all-time high, this high value explains her higher pick rate.

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What is the best Leona skin?

Conclusion: Iron Solari Leona could be considered the best skin that Leona has available.

How many skins does Leona have?

9 skins

Is Leona a good champion?

Leona is the epitome of an all-in champion.

Which ADC goes well with Leona?

As Leona, you need an ADC that can proc sunlights quickly and close the same gap that Leona does. Alternatively, you could bring in someone with follow-up CC and do just as well. She’s great with Draven, Graves and Jinx. Worst with with Kog, and MF.

Is Leona easy?

Leona has a stun, a root and an AoE stun/slow. All easy to land, all with decent range, all great at starting or stopping fights. You can play even with Leona until she hits level 6, but once she does hit 6, all best are off when you are looking to fight her.

Is thresh good lol?

But, for right now, it’s hard to argue against the fact that Thresh is the best-designed champion in League of Legends. His utility, his longevity, his presence in pro play, and how fun he is to play in solo queue all contribute to this champion’s popularity amongst the community.

Is thresh a Tanky?

He’s not really as tanky as dedicated tanks, but he can get quite beefy.

Is thresh a late game champ?

Thresh is considered a play making champion that picks off targets, usually late game is when these champs excel. Rengar and various assassins all do super well late game because they can kill off a squishy easily.

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Is Nami good lol?

Nami is actually a really good support, I don’t really know why people don’t play her more. Her heal is deceptively strong: it can hit three times if you are in the right situation, and it has a very short cooldown, and relatively low cost, it’s definitely one of the stronger heals in the game.

Who is best with Nami?

Generally speaking burst supports like Nami, Alistar, Taric, Leona and Blitzcrank go well with Carries that have burst like Ezreal, Graves, Corki, Vayne, Twitch.

What ADC works best with Nami?

Honestly Nami goes great with most ADCs. Though I hate laning with Ezreals. I love playing nami with caitlyn, jinx, miss fortune, draven , vayne and jinx!

Who works best with Nami?

Imo, Nami works with any adc that actually uses their aa’s or has an on hit effect. So, basically, none are bad. Jhin and Ezreal are my two favorites to play with. Varus is one of my favorites.

Is Nami a top?

Nami is probably the best AP champion to go AD on, close with Kennen. She has standard 550 range (many mages have lower), she actually has a base attack speed as an AP champion (others typically default to the standard .

How do you land Nami bubbles?

Sometimes you can use bubble to “zone” them, so if they go in too deep into your team, “block” their escape with your bubble so there’s only 2 things that will happen: killed by your team or stunned and then get killed. Honestly though, it’s always easier to land bubbles right after your ult.

Is Nami good with Draven?

Nami is very good with Draven.