What is the best water Pokemon Platinum?

What is the best water Pokemon Platinum?

Best water type pokemon in pokemon platinum??

Floatzel 9% [ 2 ]
Empoleon 17% [ 4 ]
Gyarados 39% [ 9 ]
Vaporeon 22% [ 5 ]
Lanturn 13% [ 3 ]

What is a good water-type in platinum?

Ingame, you’ve got Empoleon (if you chose Piplup), Golduck, Gastrodon, Vaporeon, Gyarados (though he’s physical as opposed to special) as good early to mid game options. Vaporeon takes the longest to get, but you can still have one as soon as you reach Solaceon Town. Ingame, I’d say it’s the best option.

What is the most powerful water-type Pokemon?

1. Kyogre (Primal Form) The Pokemon Company Kyogre remains the most powerful Water-type Pokemon.

Who is the weakest water-type Pokemon?

A weak water-type is one that just doesn’t really cut it in any form.

  1. 1 Strongest – Kyogre.
  2. 2 Weakest – Wooper.
  3. 3 Strongest – Blastoise.
  4. 4 Weakest – Luvdisc.
  5. 5 Strongest – Swampert.
  6. 6 Weakest – Corsola.
  7. 7 Strongest – Suicune.
  8. 8 Weakest – Poliwag.

Which is better psyduck or Buizel?

The buizel line is very fast and frail, while Psyduck is more balanced in stats. I’ll use psyduck if I were you, I recall having a Golduck which survived till postgame in my first nuzlocke.

Which is the most powerful water type Pokemon?

Just like its counterpart, Primal Kyogre takes a spot on the list, being the most powerful water-type Pokémon out there. Its an incredibly powerful Pokémon, and its Primordial Sea is one of the most useful abilities in the game, making it an Uber and VGC threat.

Which is the Best Pokemon to get in Pokemon platinum?

If you are interested in a speedy Pokémon, Staraptor can be an ideal choice. It’s like the classic Pidgeot that you might have seen in the first-generation Pokémon. But, Staraptor packs better abilities, move sets, and overall stats. With its powerful aerial combo attacks, you can have the upper hand against most types.

Which is the strongest ghost type in Pokemon platinum?

Giratina, the box art legendary for Pokémon Platinum, takes the spot as the strongest ghost-type in the game. Giratina was one of the earlier Pokémon with multiple forms, Altered and Origin. Switching between the two allows it to occupy different roles on the team, both of which can slot in anywhere.

Which is the most powerful Pokemon in ou?

Tyranitar is already a fantastic OU Pokémon in its base form, let’s get that straight. It even can manage a spot in some of the higher tiers. Mega Tyranitar just pushes this Pokémon even further, giving it a stat boost everywhere that it counts. Mega Rayquaza is like, dumb powerful.

Which water Pokemons are considered the strongest?

The Most Powerful Water Type Pokemon From Gen 1, Officially Ranked Slowbro – Total Power: 390. via Pokémon.fandom.com Slowbro is a dual-type Pokémon that just barely makes the cut here. Seadra – Total Power: 395. via Pokémon.fandom.com Clocking in at 395, Seadra is a formidable Pokémon that will require some patience to obtain. Dewgong – Total Power: 405. Golduck – Total Power: 405. Poliwrath – Total Power: 410.

Who is the best water type Pokemon?

Kyogre has really high base stats and is definitely one of the best water type Pokemon on the list. It has pretty high special attack and special defense stats. When it turns into Primal Kyogre, it gets even stronger with an extremely high special attack attribute.

What Pokemon types are strong against water?

Lightning-type Pokémon in the TCG are generally weak to Fighting and Lightning with resistances to Metal and Fighting. Lightning-type Pokémon are strong against Water and any Pokémon that is a Flying-type in the games, whilst some Fighting Pokémon can resist this type.

What is the best water Pokemon move?

Pokémon: The 15 Best Water Moves, Ranked Splishy Splash. Although Pikachu uses a combination of water and electricity when dealing damage with Splishy Splash, it is a Water-type move. Aqua Tail. Introduced in Generation IV, the generation containing Pokémon Platinum, Aqua Tail is one of the most powerful water moves. Surf. Snipe Shot. Crabhammer. Steam Eruption. G-Max Foam Burst. Origin Pulse.

What is the best water-type Pokemon for competitive?

Pokemon Sword & Shield: 15 Best Water-Type Pokemon For Online Ranked Battles

  1. 1 Inteleon. If you truly want the most powerful Water-type in Galar, you don’t need to look any further than your Starter Pokemon.
  2. 2 Starmie.
  3. 3 Tapu-Fini.
  4. 4 Milotic.
  5. 5 Azumarill.
  6. 6 Seismitoad.
  7. 7 Politoed.
  8. 8 Suicune.

Which is better Psyduck or Buizel?