What is behind her eyes movie about?

What is behind her eyes movie about?

A single mother enters a world of twisted mind games when she begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss while secretly befriending his mysterious wife. Watch all you want. Simona Brown, Eve Hewson and Tom Bateman star in this psychological thriller based on Sarah Pinborough’s bestselling novel.

What happens in behind her eyes Netflix?

Adele is Rob, who managed to switch bodies with Adele using astral projection and then take over her life – including her husband, David. Louise is tricked into astral projecting, but the second she has left her body, Rob is able to move in, leaving Louise to die in the fire as Adele.

Is Louise dead behind her eyes?

Behind Her Eyes ends with Louise being tricked by Adele/Rob to astral project herself, during which Adele/Rob takes over Louise’ body forcing Louise to enter Adele/Rob’s body—ultimately killing the real Louise.

Why did Adele kill Rob behind her eyes?

Rob had a crush on David, and after growing up in poverty, he saw Adele’s riches as the perfect life and decided to take it. As a result, Rob, in Adele’s body, jumped on Adele, in Rob’s body, and shot it up with more heroin. The body was then dumped so Rob could hold David ransom for the rest of his life.

Who is the crazy one in behind her eyes?

Robert Aramayo

Does anyone die in behind her eyes?

Did Louise die at the end of Behind Her Eyes? Technically, yes, Louise’s soul/mind/personality/spirit perished inside Adele’s body via heroin overdose/smoke inhalation. But Louise’s body is still alive and kicking, with Rob’s impostor soul/mind/personality thriving inside it.

Does David know that Rob is in Adele’s body?

Another viewer said: “David didn’t know Adele was Rob. He just knew that the girl he loved had changed into somebody unstable and despicable. “Someone who would throw a boy’s body down the well and keep it a secret because it was ‘convenient’, and whom he later suspected probably killed him.