What happens when you run out of troops in risk?

What happens when you run out of troops in risk?

The attack ends if you conquer, stop the attack, or run out of armies. If you win, you must move a minimum number of troops equal to your attack dice into your new territory. But you may add as much more if you wish as long as a minimum of one army stays behind.

How do you beat final stand in risk?

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Are alliances allowed in risk?

Alliances. The rules of Risk neither endorse nor prohibit alliances or truces. Thus players often form unofficial treaties for various reasons, such as safeguarding themselves from attacks on one border while they concentrate their forces elsewhere, or eliminating a player who has grown too strong.

Can you move your troops in risk?

Alexandru Stanuta. You can do this only at the end of your turn – the phase it’s called “Maneuver Troops”. You take as many troops as you want (you must leave one behind) from one territory and move them to any one territory, as long as it is connected to the first one.