What happens when a pawn reaches the other end of the board?

What happens when a pawn reaches the other end of the board?

When a pawn reaches the opposite side of the board, it promotes. This means that the owner of the pawn can replace it with a queen, a rook, a knight, or a bishop of his own color, and put that piece instead of the pawn on the board on the square of the pawn.

What happens when the king reaches the other side of the board?

If the king reaches the last row of the other side ,the game continues unless the king gets checkmated or the opponent’s king gets checkmated. When a king reaches the last raw of the other side in chess he promotes to a pawn.

Can a promoted pawn be taken immediately?

Yes, a promoted pawn can be taken immediately, it’s because a pawn promotion does not give you an extra turn but instead considered as one move. After pawn promotion, it is another player’s turn to move, and if the opportunity to capture the pawn is the best move, there is no way to prevent capture.

What is the best strategy for chess?

There are four basic tactics that every chess player should know.Fool’s Mate: This is the fastest way to checkmate, and it capitalizes on a few key mistakes by your opponent.Forks: Knights are the best pieces for forks because they can take out two opposing pieces in one move.