What does playing chess not checkers mean?

What does playing chess not checkers mean?

One of my favorite Denzel Washington lines is uttered by his rogue detective character in the movie Training Day who tells his new protg in effect, This is chess not checkers. He means that the job is way more complicated than it seems, a fast, dynamic process with lots of moving parts.

Are chess and checkers the same?

They are completely different games with different pieces, different goals, completely different. The only thing that is the same is the board, but then checkers only uses half the squares, and international checkers (draughts) is played on 10×10 boards.

What is the most important piece in a chess game?


Why is it called rook in chess?

In chess the castle is a major piece, now usually called a rook. Originally, the rook symbolized a chariot. The word rook comes from the Persian word rukh meaning chariot. Persian War Chariots were heavily armoured, carrying a driver and at least one ranged-weapon bearer, such as an archer.