What do PokerStars pros get paid?

What do PokerStars pros get paid?

Tournament entries to site sponsored tournaments (Pokerstars events) Tournament entries up to $x per year. Sometimes the sponsor will ask for a % of your winnings or stakeback. FullTiltPoker used to pay $35/hr for playing online + 100% rakeback to their pros.

What is the difference between PokerStars com and Pokerstars net?

The main difference is that the . NET version of our software is exclusively for Play Money. Our full-featured licensed version, on the other hand, offers both real and Play Money games, plus many more great features such as the Cashier, Find a Player, freerolls, etc.

Is PokerStars com safe?

At PokerStars, only the latest technology is used to ensure that gameplay is fair, player data is secure, and all financial transactions are safe. When it comes to fairness, PokerStars has game integrity experts who work to ensure that no player has an advantage over another.

Why are pros leaving PokerStars?

Many people have attributed the decline of Team Pro recently as being due to the fact that Amaya purchased the PokerStars brand in 2014. Once the $4.9 billion acquisition took place, the new owners opted to take the poker platform in a different direction, with multiple changes occurring in the proceeding years.