What are the event cards in pandemic?

What are the event cards in pandemic?

The Player Cards deck contains some Special Event cards. These cards may be played at any time (even on a fellow player’s turn) and do not require an action to play. When you play a Special Event card, immediately follow the instructions on the card, then discard the card into the Player Discard Pile.

What do research stations do pandemic?

Building Research Stations helps your team move from place to place. Research Stations are also required for discovering cures. Play the card corresponding to the city your pawn currently occupies, then place a Research Station in that city. Discard the card to the Player Discard Pile.

How many cards are there in pandemic?

118 cards

Do you have to use all 4 actions in pandemic?

You do not have to take all 4 actions, sometimes you may want to end up in a particular city to trade a card for example. But after taking 4 or fewer actions, you must draw 2 cards.

What is the best pandemic expansion?

10 Pandemic Board Game Versions & Expansions Ranked Best To WorstPandemic Legacy: Season 1. Description: The world is on the brink of disaster. Iberia. On the Brink Expansion. The Cure – Experimental Meds Super-Expansion. In the Lab Expansion. State of Emergency Expansion. Pandemic Board Game. Reign of Cthulhu.