What are elite levels in best fiends?

What are elite levels in best fiends?

Elite levels are meant as additional level content for players who have completed both the available World Map levels and the currently available Hero levels. If you have Elite levels available, the levels can be accessed on the World Map.

Who made best fiends?

Seriously Digital Entertainment

What type of game is best fiends?

Extraordinarily fun and challenging match-3 puzzle game. Addictive puzzle game is pushy with in-app purchases.

Is best fiends an offline game?

The game is a free-to-play puzzler that features cute characters with special abilities that combine together for magical boosters, which players must utilise to help complete the most challenging levels. Players can collect stars to compete with others from around the globe, while levels can also be played offline.

Is best fiends free to play?

Best Fiends is completely free to download and play but some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

What to do with diamonds in best fiends?

Diamonds are a precious resource in Best Fiends. They are used for buying Keys that you can use to open the crates to find Meteormites, Energy or Fiends!

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