Is wingspan a good game?

Is wingspan a good game?

The short version is that context and cuteness aside it’s the best board game I’ve ever played. From a game design perspective, it’s almost flawless. Players win by having the most points from a variety of sources, but mostly notably from their bird cards.

Where can I get wingspan board game? Wingspan Board Game – A Bird-Collection, Engine-Building Stonemaier Game for 1-5 Players, Ages 14+: Toys & Games.

Is wingspan good for 2 players?

I played 2 players, with the automa as a sort of 3rd player this week. That’s a really fun way to play too. It makes food and bird cards cycle a bit faster than they would normally in a 2 player game.

Is there a hand limit in wingspan?

It is important to remember that there is no hand limit in Wingspan. Players can have any number of bird cards in their hand. Unlike in the beginning of the game, players do not have to discard a food token each time they draw a new card.


40-70 minutes

How long does a game of Wingspan take?

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How do you win a wingspan?

11 Wingspan Strategy Tips: How to Win!Focus on one or two habitats. Birds that can move, move you forward. Ravens get you a good deal. Be careful with pink cards. Tuck cards for points. Maximise final round points. Get a couple of high victory point birds. Get extra bonus objectives.

What is a good score in wingspan?

between 70-90

What are the plastic boxes for in wingspan?

We had a little confusion about the use of the 4 clear plastic resource containers–they’re used to hold and store the food and egg tokens (the blue tray is meant to store the cards, not tokens).

What bird is on the cover of wingspan?

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Who goes first in wingspan?

Automa: Who goes first each round, you or the Automa? For each of the 4 rounds, you always go first and the Automa always takes the last turn.

How many wings does a bird have?


How do you play wingspan solo?

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How many cards are in a wingspan?


Which bird has the largest wingspan?

wandering albatross

Is wingspan equal to height?

An example of a human body ratio is a person’s arm span—the distance from the middle fingertip of the left hand to that of the right hand when stretching out both arms horizontally—to their height. This ratio is approximately a one to one ratio, meaning that a person’s arm span is about equal to their height.

How long is a person’s wingspan?

Arm span or reach (sometimes referred to as wingspan, or spelled “armspan”) is the physical measurement of the length from one end of an individual’s arms (measured at the fingertips) to the other when raised parallel to the ground at shoulder height at a 90° angle.

Does arm span predict height?

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