How old is Brendan?

How old is Brendan?


Is Brendan’s hair white?

Brendan’s parents can either be Norman or Prof. Birch, neither have white hair.

Who does Brendan have a crush on restart?

Kimberly Tooley

What has chase been doing when he fell off the roof?

Who is the main character? What happened when Chase fell off his roof? He ended up with a separated left shoulder, a concussion, and amnesia.

Who is Shoshanna in restart?

Shoshanna Weber is a student at Hiawassee Middle School. She is the twin sister of Joel Weber and was born fourteen minutes before him. Her brother is the bullying target of Chase Ambrose whose bullying forced her brother to be sent to a boarding school.

Who is Helene in restart?

Who was Helene? Chase’s four-year-old half sister.

Is restart a true story?

Korman has always liked writing because he enjoyed getting creative. Many people thought Restart was based on a true story, but after meeting with Korman, he told us that the novel was totally based on fiction. It was actually inspired by the personality of people and the idea of whether or not people can change.

What did Shoshanna do to chase at the frozen yogurt place?

*Formerly means in the past. What did Shoshanna do to Chase at the frozen yogurt place? She dumped frozen yogurt on him. She tripped him.

Who is the main character of restart?

Chase Ambrose

What war was Mr Solway in?

Korean War

How did restart end?

In the climax, Chase accidentally finds the medal of honor in his attic, and looks to his neighbors house only to see a painting. The image on the painting was all he remembered about the day he lost his memory, and once he sees it his whole memory comes back to him.

What is Bear’s last name in restart?

Bear Bratsky

How are Kimberly and Shoshanna alike?

How are Kimberly and Shoshanna alike? They both like to film school events. Neither one is popular in school. Neither one is interested in sports.

Why did Chase suggest that Shoshanna interview Mr Solway?

Who does Chase suggest Shoshanna interview for the video contest? He had her help him film his video for Youtube called “Leaf Man”.

What kind of school was Joel attending?

Joel Osteen
School Humble High School, Texas
Alma mater Oral Roberts University
Church Lakewood Church
Senior posting

Who are all the characters in restart?

  • Aaron Hakimian.
  • Joel Weber.
  • Kimberly Tooley.
  • Bear Bratsky.
  • Frank Ambrose.

What is Chase’s last name in restart?

BOOKTALK: Chase Ambrose is a football star with a lot of friends. He holds the title of King of Hiawassee Middle School. Unfortunately, he is also the school’s biggest bully.

What news did Chase receive when he went to visit Dr Cooperman?

What news did Chase receive when he went to visit Dr. Cooperman? Chase was healthy clear to play football. Chase’s amnesia would disappear in one week and he would regain all of his memories.

How does Chase’s mom react when he tells her what happened in the yogurt shop?

How does Chase’s mom react when he tells her what happened in the yogurt shop? She is sympathetic but not surprised. She is angry and calls Shoshanna’s mom. She is amused and tells Chase not to worry about it.