How many card jitsu cards are there?

How many card jitsu cards are there?

They were special cards, found by Sensei long ago. There were currently 509 different kinds of cards in the game, with a variety of other cards that were not in the game, and only existed in real-life. Each card could be one of six colors, either red, blue, yellow, green, orange, or purple.

How do you win card jitsu?

The only way to succeed in Card Jitsu is to think as if you are the opponent. This can be hard sometimes, like analysing what counter your opponent is going to play, and not always take the most straightforward route, but thinking logically is the best way to master the game.

How do you play card jitsu in real life?

Start with an equal number of cards (at least 20) – Face down. Take 5 cards from the top of your pile to use as your hand. Every turn,choose a card from your hand to play face up. When a power card is played, follow the special instructions on that card.

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How do you get a Sensei Power Card?

Sensei Card is an extreme difficulty stamp in Club Penguin Rewritten. It can be obtained by seeing Sensei use the Sensei Power Card in a game of Card-Jitsu.