How long does it take to break obsidian with your fist with mining fatigue?

How long does it take to break obsidian with your fist with mining fatigue?

It takes 250 seconds to break an obsidian block by hand, and 21.85-125 seconds to break it with a pickaxe weaker than diamond or netherite, although neither will yield any obsidian.

Can you break obsidian with hand and mining fatigue?

Obsidian takes 250 seconds to mine by hand Underwater mining takes 5x as long as normal mining Mining Fatigue III (inflicted by an elder guardian) prevents you from breaking any block that isn’t instant mine-able, otherwise it reduces your mining speed by 10% per level So, for the sake of argument, it would be 1625 …

How do I get rid of the elder guardian effect?

Killing the Elder Guardian that gave you “Mining Fatigue” removes the effect

  1. When you run out of milk, you won’t be able to remove the effect anymore.
  2. Milk removes ALL effects, and another thing that players like to bring with them is Water Breathing potions.

Why is mining fatigue a spoon?

To sum it up, the Spoon icon means that you’ve been affected by the Mining Fatigue effect. This effect slows your mining speed and can only be caused by the Elder Guardian mob.

How do you get rid of mining fatigue in the ocean monument?

Potions of night vision (extended) can help with seeing in dark areas of the monument. Milk will remove the Mining Fatigue effect, allowing you to mine through the walls of the monument to reach your destination easier.

Why are elder guardians not spawning?

Elder Guardians are boss-like mobs (and actually boss mobs on Bedrock), and they do not spawn or respawn, but only generate with the monument. If you ever removed them (e.g. by switching to peaceful mode), they will not come back and you will have to find a new monument to raid.

Is there a sponge room in every ocean monument?

Not all monuments generate sponge rooms. One of the wings contains a large room with a small pillar at the center. The room contains a second elder guardian. Ocean monuments always contain three elder guardians – one at the top and one in each wing.

What does a sponge room look like?

What does the sponge room look like? The sponge room is a tall room located with golden colored blocks inside of it. An elder guardian will spawn around the room, and killing the guardian will drop a sponge.

Where is the treasure room in an ocean monument?

The chambers connect vertically and horizontally to the different parts of the monument, including the left and right wings. In the topmost room and in each wing reside elder guardians. In the back of the central section lies the treasure chamber, a tall room with eight gold blocks encased in dark prismarine.

Is there treasure in underwater temple Minecraft?

The buildings are made from an underwater stone called Prismarine and are lit in places by Sea Lanterns. There is a central section and two wings, with a number of rooms. In the central section is the Treasure Chamber, where gold blocks can be found if you dig away the Dark Prismarine.

How rare is an ocean monument?

Ocean monuments can spawn in deep ocean, generally no more than 1 per 32×32 chunk region. If the seed of the world generates lots of land with little deep ocean they’ll be few and far between. If there’s a vast expanse of deep ocean, you could find a half dozen or more in relatively close proximity.