How do you play Chinese chess?

How do you play Chinese chess?

Each side alternates, moving one piece in each turn. Pieces capture by using their normal moves and landing on a point occupied by an enemy piece. Generally, red makes the first move but two players can agree to play otherwise. Victory is achieved when one player puts the other’s general in checkmate.

Which country is best at math?

South Korea, a country known as an avid innovator among the global science leaders, topped the 2017 list of best mathematics students at the International Mathematical Olympiad for the second time in the history of the competition.

How old is Nihal Sarin?

16 years ()

How good is Nihal Sarin?

In 2017, Nihal increased his rating by 192 elo points to cross 2500 in rating. At Reykjavik Open 2018 held in March, Nihal scored 6.0/9 with a rating performance of 2668 to score his second GM norm. The average rating of his opponents was 2543.

How many chess grandmasters are there?

1721 grandmasters