How do you fix an old board game box?

How do you fix an old board game box?

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Can you recycle board game boxes?

Empty cardboard boxes get reused if they are big and sturdy enough to ship something in, otherwise they go in the recycling bin. We do mostly keep the games in their boxes, but if we have extras (like from expansions where you can put the expansion into the regular box) we do just recycle them.

Where do you put board games?

5 Smart and Stylish Ways to Store Your Board GamesMake the game boards into wall art.Keep boxes on slide-out shelves.Hide board game boxes in plain sight.Store—and play—on a wheeled table.Tuck them into a hanging closet organizer.

How do you take care of a board game?

Throw a fabric-softener sheet into the box to keep the game board from smelling musty. Place clear tape on box corners and along seams to prevent tearing along the corners and wearing along the seams. Reinforce board folds with packing tape. Clean board games with a sponge and a little soap and water.

Should I sleeve my board game cards?

Sleeves are good for games that have you shuffle a lot. They’re usually mostly pointless for games that don’t shuffle much (once per game). The cards shouldn’t wear that fast, so unless you prefer shuffling with sleeves or are very protective, there’s not really much need.