How do I print my own card game?

How do I print my own card game?

[DIY] How to Print Card Games From Your Own HomeGet a Printer I Use an InkJet when Printing My Cards at Home.Print Your Cards at Home on Thick Card Stock.Cut out the Cards that You Print at Home.Trim Your Cards with a Corner Cutter Like This.Sleeve Your Cards so They Shuffle Easier.Bonus step: Laminate Your Homemade Cards.

How are board games printed?

The cardboard that board games are made from is too thick to go through a traditional printer. So the board design is printed onto paper and then mounted onto the board. The printing is done on an industrial scale using a method called offset printing. Paper is fed through these huge machines with big steel rollers on.

How much does it cost to print a board game?

The game you speak of should cost about $4-8/unit to print, depending on which continent you print it on, shipping, etc. What kills you is setup fees. Paul’s estimate of $30/unit ($30K total) sounds high, but it is the setup fees that’re driving it so high. Lets say your game costs $6 / unit to print.