Can you destroy bridges in aoe2?

Can you destroy bridges in aoe2?

Ships could destroy the bridges. You definitely should need fishing ships to go out into the “deep sea” to fish.

How do you get custom scenarios in Age of Empires 3?

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the main screen, click Help and Tools, and then click Scenario Editor.
  2. On the File menu, click Load Scenario.
  3. Select the scenario that you have created.
  4. On the Scenario menu, click Playtest Scenario.
  5. Choose the difficulty level that you want.

How do I download scenarios Age of Empires 3?

Log In and Download the Scenario Navigate to the Detail page for the scenario you wish to download, and click on the Download button. A file named aoe_[scenario name]. zip will be downloaded to your default or selected download folder.

Does Age of Empires 2 have mods?

Beyond just visual and gameplay upgrades, there’s tons of new content available as well. And this comes in the form of player-created mods which let you customize a whole bunch of crazy stuff. For old-school and newer players alike, I’ve compiled a list of mods you should check out for Age of Empires II: HD Edition.

What are Age of Empires Mods?

The Loop (Games) Modding is the practice of modifying an Age of Empires game using third-party tools to add or change content such as attributes, buildings, or units.

How do you cheat in Age of Empires 1?

To activate a cheat, push [Enter] and type its corresponding code below.

  1. 1000 gold — COINAGE.
  2. 1000 food — PEPPERONI PIZZA.
  3. 1000 stone — QUARRY.
  4. 1000 wood — WOODSTOCK.
  5. Animals kill with one bite — GRANTLINKSPENCE.
  6. Baby wields super gun — POW! (
  7. Commit suicide — HARI KARI.
  8. Composite archers become stealthy — DARK RAIN.

How much is a gold relic in aoe2?

Gold per relic

Relic Amount Gold/Minute Gold/Second
1 relic: 30 Gold/Minute 0.50 Gold/Sec
2 relics: 60 Gold/Minute 1.00 Gold/Sec
3 relics: 90 Gold/Minute 1.50 Gold/Sec
4 relics: 120 Gold/Minute 2.00 Gold/Sec

Where is relic based?


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