Can the spy kill anyone in Stratego?

Can the spy kill anyone in Stratego?

A Spy can kill 2 pieces; the #1 and the other Spy. In order to kill the #1, the Spy MUST be the attacking piece. In Spy vs. Spy, both pieces die.

Can you attack backwards in Stratego?

Only one piece can be moved per turn, and it can move only one square per turn (except Scouts, see “Specialist Pieces” on Page 5). Pieces can move forward, backward or sideways, but never diagonally.

Can any piece capture the flag in Stratego?

The game can be won by capturing the opponent's Flag, or all of his moveable pieces. It is possible to have ranked pieces that are not moveable because they are trapped behind bombs.

What does a spotter do in Stratego?

THE SPOTTER Spotters target and identify the enemy, calling in laser barrages from orbiting battleships to destroy them. SPOTTER SPECIAL ATTACK Spotters may move, then use their special attack. A Spotter may attempt to attack and capture any piece on the square in front of it by guessing the piece's rank.

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