Are there more moves in Go than atoms in the universe?

Are there more moves in Go than atoms in the universe?

After the first two moves of a Chess game, there are 400 possible next moves. In Go, there are close to 130,000. “The search space in Go is vasta number greater than there are atoms in the universe,” Google wrote in a January blog post about the game.

How many moves does an average chess game last?

40 moves

How many go board configurations are there?

An upper bound of the number of positions on a 1919 19 19 go board is not hard to calculate. Every intersection can be either black, white, or empty, so the number of possible positions is exactly 33610172 3 361 1.741 10 172 .

How many possible combinations of chess moves are there?

The Shannon number, named after the American mathematician Claude Shannon, is a conservative lower bound (not an estimate) of the game-tree complexity of chess of 10120, based on an average of about 103 possibilities for a pair of moves consisting of a move for White followed by one for Black, and a typical game …

How much harder is go than chess?

Chess has 20 initial possible moves (all pawns and two knights have two) and it rarely goes too much above that number. Go has 361. Chess games on average also takes less turns than go to finish. All of this contributes to go being much more complex than chess.