What does 5000 Spirit miles get you?

What does 5000 Spirit miles get you?

Now cardholders can redeem for a free round-trip award ticket using only 5,000 miles rather than the 25,000 miles that many other airlines charge. That’s up to five free flights instead of one, making FREE SPIRITâ„¢ one of the most rewarding airline loyalty programs on the planet.

Do Spirit Airlines points expire?

Thanks to the major revamp, points won’t expire until there are 12 months of no account activity, or if you’re a Free Spirit member with an open Free Spirit credit card account. There are plenty of ways to keep your account active without purchasing airfare.

What can I do with my spirit points?

Booking your reward travel online is the best way to save when using your Free Spirit Points to purchase a flight. Simply start your flight search at spirit.com and then select the purchase with points option.

How many spirit miles do I need for a free flight?


How can I get free spirit points?

How to earn Free Spirit points

  1. Achieve status. Every dollar that you spend on Spirit flights or that you charge to the Free Spirit credit card earns you 1 Status Qualifying Point, or SQP.
  2. Pay for upgrades and bag fees.
  3. Get the Free Spirit credit cards.
  4. Pool your points for faster award flights.

What are free spirit points?

As a Free Spirit member, you’ll earn miles every time you fly with Spirit Airlines. You can accumulate miles when you use your Spirit Airlines World Mastercard to make everyday purchases.

Can I buy a ticket for someone else Spirit Airlines?

If you are attempting to book a reservation for someone else, you must be flying on the reservation and listed as the Primary Passenger in order to redeem benefits.

How much are spirit points worth?

Spirit miles are worth 1.01 cents each, on average. That means 10,000 Spirit miles have a value of roughly $101. Spirit miles are less valuable than the average airline miles, which are worth almost 1.3 cents each, as a result.

Can you use spirit points to rent a car?

Spirit Airlines FREE SPIRIT members are eligible to earn miles at participating Hertz locations worldwide. For rentals in the U.S., when the renter chooses to receive FREE SPIRIT miles a Frequent Flyer Surcharge of $0.75 per day up to a maximum of $5.25 per rental will apply. …

How do I redeem my spirit credit?

Visit Spirit.com, select your desired flight(s), once you arrive at the Purchase Page look for the “Redeem A Voucher or Credit” drop-down, and follow remaining instructions. Vouchers must be applied to a reservation at the time of booking on Spirit.com or by calling our Reservations Center at 855-728-3555.

How long is my spirit credit good for?

60 days

Can I get a refund on Spirit?

One of our Free Spirit specialists will be happy to help you. Refunds are allowed for reservations made 7 days (168 hours) or more prior to your departure, provided that you make the refund request within 24 hours of your initial reservation.

How do you speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines?

Via Phone: You can dial Spirit Airlines customer service phone number and get in touch with the live representative in a simple way. You can follow the below IVR options to talk to a live person: Dial 855-728-3555 and 1-805-721-3555 listen to the IVR option carefully. Choose your preferred language.