Who really hacked Sony?

Who really hacked Sony?

FBI is the BEST in the world.” In 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice finally laid out its 179-page criminal complaint, naming North Korea’s Park Jin-hyok as the key player behind the attack.

Was the interview a flop?

The Interview grossed $40 million in digital rentals, making it Sony’s most successful digital release and earned an additional $12.3 million worldwide in box office ticket sales on a $44 million budget.

How much did the Sony hack cost?

The massive hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment has so far cost the firm $15 million, the company said Thursday in its first disclosure of financial losses related to the cyberattack that began last November.

What malware was used in the Sony hack?

WannaCry ransomware

Why did Hackers attack Sony Corp?

The U.S. government has previously said that North Korea was responsible for the 2014 Sony hack. U.S. officials believe the Sony hack was retribution for “The Interview,” a comedy film that starred Seth Rogen and James Franco and centered on a plot to assassinate North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un.

Why is the Sony hack important?

The cyberattack exposed a new and startling reality: You don’t have to be a superpower to inflict major damage on the U.S. and companies on American soil. Rogue states like North Korea and Iran — and even rogue groups like ISIS — have the ability to launch cyberattacks and create significant disruption.

Has Xbox ever been hacked?

As to the reason why the Xbox One has not been hacked… Microsoft have got exceptionally good at designing and implementing secure systems. One indication of this is that despite numerous attempts, the security on the Xbox Live system has not been compromised since the inception of the service 12 or 15 years ago.

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