Who is the most popular resident evil character?

Who is the most popular resident evil character?

Ranking The 10 Best Resident Evil Characters Of All Time

  • 8 HUNK.
  • 7 Ada Wong.
  • 6 The Merchant.
  • 5 Albert Wesker.
  • 4 Chris Redfield.
  • 3 Nemesis.
  • 2 Leon S. Kennedy.
  • 1 Jill Valentine.

Why is Alice not in Resident Evil games?

Alice dies at the end of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. She is still yet to appear in a video game. Independent journalism takes time, money and hard work to produce. We rely on donations to fund our work.

Is Leon in re7?

As it turns out, Leon Kennedy is not featured in Resident Evil 7, without a single trace of him to be found in any file you gather during a play-through. However, another past Resident Evil character does make an appearance during Biohazard, so hard-core fans can still have that throwback.

Is Jill immune to T-virus?

None of the Main characters are immune to any of the viruses. Jill was infected with the T-Virus, and Leon was infected with Las Plagas. Thing is though outside of those instances canonly speaking none of the mains were ever bitten so no infection. There is a Vaccine for both the T & G viruses.

Does Ada Wong love Leon?

Ada, however, feels she couldn’t have Leon because of her being a spy, but she still loves him. In RED, Leon has completely overpassed Ada.

Does Jill ever meet Leon?

It’s someone else’s story to tell. Whether it’s illogical to you or not, it doesn’t change the fact that as of right now, the characters Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy have never met or been given reason to, until Capcom decides to put it into the lore.

What race is Ada Wong?


Does Leon know Wesker?

The short answer is no, but as the Resident Evil Wiki used to put it, “Leon is aware of Wesker through unexplored means.” We don’t know for sure how Leon learned about Wesker, but by 2004 he did know about him, given the obvious distaste he finds that Ada and Wesker are working together in Resident Evil 4.

How old is Leon re2?


How old is Claire Redfield?


Who loves Claire Redfield?

Kennedy and Steve Burnside. However in the remake Claire does lightly flirt with Leon and even joked that Raccoon City incident would’ve been “one helluva first date” and outright returns the romantic affections Steve Burnside gave her.