Who can beat the Batman who laughs?

Who can beat the Batman who laughs?

1 Can’t Beat Silver Surfer Norrin Radd is the strongest herald of Galactus in the Marvel universe. And like The Batman Who Laughs, the Silver Surfer has been deemed a universe-level threat by the Nova Corps, and his range of powers are more than enough to contend with the villainous Bruce Wayne.

Is there an evil Batman?

In fact, there are plenty of evil versions of Batman. Most of them are other people who simply took the cowl and mantle. A few of them, however, are versions of Bruce Wayne himself succumbing to the most primordial of human crimes. Here are 10 of those evil Batman versions that even the Joker might not find funny.

Can Batman who laughs beat Darkseid?

Also, there IS a version of Batman in the dark multiverse that not only defeated Darkseid, but kinda became him also. So there’s that. The Batman who laughs is as powerful as Batman himself however he’s as twisted as Joker. Batman defeated Darkseid yet he couldn’t defeat the Batman Who Laughs on his own.

Is Batman who laughs the strongest?

After absorbing the powers of an alternate reality Doctor Manhattan and being reborn as the Darkest Knight, the Batman Who Laughs now has nigh-omnipotent powers at least on par with Manhattan – which easily ranks him one of DC’s most powerful antagonists (since Manhattan was never truly defeated, simply convinced to …

Is Batman laughing dead?

Even if the Darkest Knight falls in battle, the Batman Who Laughs is still alive in some form, planning for his revenge in the inky blackness of the Dark Multiverse. It’s a clever way to set up the eventual return of the villain, even while giving the heroes the chance to kill him at his most powerful.

Can Batman beat anyone?

Batman can pretty much beat anyone and do anything ranging from destroying planets to even creating a second sun after the success of TDK.. Honestly compared to the threats other heroes face globally, batmans solo adventures do not look like much. The writers hqve just been kind to him.

Why does the Joker hate the Batman who laughs?

The Joker doesn’t like the idea of living at the same time as him, he bothers him, he is too dangerous and unpredictable even for the Joker. Batman Who Laughs is simply unnatural for him, he simply does not fit into his plans and worldview.

What is the strongest Batman?

Batman: 5 Most Powerful Versions (& 5 Least)

  1. 1 Least Powerful: Bruce Wayne – Detective Comics #33.
  2. 2 Most Powerful: God Of All Knowledge.
  3. 3 Least Powerful: Bruce Wayne – The Dark Knight Returns.
  4. 4 Most Powerful: Dawnbreaker.
  5. 5 Least Powerful: Batman Beyond.
  6. 6 Most Powerful: White Lantern Batman.
  7. 7 Least Powerful: Bruce Wayne – Kingdom Come.

How dangerous is Batman who laughs?

Green Lantern villains have entire space armies at their side. But most of Bruce Wayne’s foes control a handful of henchmen solo. But the Batman Who Laughs is so powerful that not only can he kill gods, he can rewrite all of reality into a multiverse-threatening Hellscape.

Is Batman overpowered?

They make him more powerful than Captain America, who happens to have peak human performance in all of its forms. Batman is literally the most overpowered character in the comic book universe.

Is Arkham Batman the strongest Batman?

In Arkham Knight, Batman is at peak possible human strength. He has mastered 127 forms of martial arts and has defeated monolithic enemies like Titan Joker and Killer Croc (TWICE) with his bare hands. He can also overpower enemies who are better than him in strategic combat like Ra’s Al Ghul and Deathstroke.

Can Superman beat Joker?

In a warped reality where Joker rules all, killing his hated enemy Batman daily, Superman defeats Joker by talking him through the meaninglessness of his victory: that when there is no real struggle against Batman, the very purpose for Joker’s existence is void.

Why Batman is the strongest?

Batman is unique among superheroes in that he fights supervillains of all skill levels from purse snatchers to gods like Darkseid and comes out the winner, even though he usually has no superpowers of his own. On a few occasions, Batman has been incredibly powerful.

Why is Batman so feared?

Batman is feared by criminals and some civilians. He’s respected by those who know he’s human and see him fight with gods. The fear of Superman is always what he might do while Batman is what he is.

Why is Batman so dangerous?

Batman is a mere human, he has absolutely no “super” powers. His powers is only at par with Olympic level athletes. It is not too big a deal to defeat him in hand-to-hand combat. In-spite of this he is one of the most dangerous man on the planet.

Who is the most feared superhero?


  • Batman is one of the most feared characters in the DC Universe.
  • When Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, in 1939 he was a dark vigilante that preyed on Gotham’s worst criminals.

Is Batman evil or good?

Batman is neither good or evil. He doesnt care about good or evil, and is not really capable of it. Batman is a victim. He is sick and tries to get better, but his methods are ineffective.

Who is the toughest superhero?

Franklin Richards is an omega level he can manipulate time and reality and is the most powerful superhero on earth. Once he made GALACTUS his bodyguard which shows his level of power. He can also create pocket universes.

Can Superman wield Thor’s hammer?

Wonder Woman is the only DC character that it can be said with any degree of certainty can wield Mjolnir. Superman explicitly cannot lift Mjolnir.