Where does Reed go after leaving Edgewater?

Where does Reed go after leaving Edgewater?

” If he is alive, he goes to Byzantium and you can see him sitting on a bench there. “

Should I convince Reed to step down?

Grace will agree to return if you let Zoe die or you killed her, since she feels she cannot defend the settlement. You can Persuade (15) Reed to step down or you can kill Reed by attacking him. If Parvati is in your group she will freak out if you kill him and she’ll tell you she needs to leave.

How do you convince Reed Tobson to leave?

Convince Reed Tobson to leave Edgewater You can still speak with both Thomas and Grace before leaving the Botanical Lab, but tell them to stay put for the time being. Return to Saltuna Cannery in Edgewater and speak with Reed in his office again.

How do you persuade Zoe in outer worlds?

Go to Zoe’s pinpointed location on the map, roughly 300 meters away. Kill all the Marauders surrounding the small cluster of buildings. Speak to Zoe, and tell her about Stefan’s special surprise. This will cause Zoe to commit to going back to the Botanical Labs.

Can’t talk to Zoe’s outer?

Some folks have managed to get her to talk, but can’t get her to go back to the Botanical Lab no matter what they say. The key here are your social skills. You’ll need either persuade or intimidate to convince her to go back. If you don’t, leave the quest until you level up enough.

Is Zoe Chandler a companion?

Zoe Chandler is an NPC in The Outer Worlds. NPCs are not able to be controlled by the player, but interacted with and are often a part of Quests within the game. Some will play a larger role than others, and some can even be recruited as Companions….

Zoe Chandler
Location: Abandoned Industrial Zone – Emerald Vale

Can you tame canids in outer worlds?

Biology. Canids are canine-esque creatures that have been tamed by human colonists across Halcyon. Despite them being an apparent analogue to terrestrial dogs, the similarities end at their quadrupedal structure and the ability to be tamed by humans.

Where is Zoe in outer worlds?

To find Zoe, you need to stop by her house and some journal entries. If you walk toward the Botanical Lab, turn left and walk into the house on the far end of the street. You’ll know you’re in the right house if there’s a journal page on a table to your right. Read it, and you’ll instantly learn where Zoe went.

How many crew members can you have in outer worlds?

six crew members

How does stealth work in outer worlds?

Stealth attacks are pretty standard in The Outer Worlds. To perform one, sneak up on an enemy with a melee weapon equipped in your hand, then hit the attack button. It won’t one-shot them, but the first attack on an unaware enemy will do extra damage, making it much quicker to take them out.

How do you steal a Navkey?

Don’t have anything to trade and not enough money. I figured out how to loot Gladys safe without getting killed. Just first initiate the lock pick and then hit the slow-time button, and once its unlocked, just loot everything before the slow-time is over.

Can you kill Gladys outer worlds?

She’s carrying a safe key on her body — you can break into the safe using Lockpick skills, or kill Gladys and take the safe key. You can safely Lockpick the safe by crouching down behind the safe to the left of the entrance.

What happens if you kill Gladys outer worlds?

If you show up on The Groundbreaker and kill Gladys, ADA will initiate sequence “The Captain Is A Psychopath” and open up a different, more dangerous landing zone on Monarch. Killing every person in The Outer Worlds was not fun.

Should I sell secrets to Gladys?

Should you sell the secrets to Gladys or give them to Crane? If you take the corporate secrets to Gladys, you get about 7,500 bits for your trouble. However, if you return them to Crane, Vaughn, and Orson, you get that same amount along with unique weapons and armor.