When should I evolve clefairy?

When should I evolve clefairy?

Since Moon Stones are really easy to get in the Game Boy games, you should definitely evolve your Clefairy into a Clefable — but not until it has learned all the above techniques you’re interested in. Once it evolves, it can only learn new moves from HMs and TMs.

Who does clefairy evolve into?


Is Clefable a good Pokemon?

Ever since Generation 6 introduced a typing change, Clefable became a staple Pokemon in current metagame trends for Singles. Very decent and well-rounded stats combined with its solid Fairy typing makes Clefable a strong, defensive and a cohesive glue for most teams regardless of the playstyle.

What is Clefable weakness?


What Pokemon can beat Clefable?

The 5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Clefable are:

  • Metagross,
  • Deoxys (Attack),
  • Dialga,
  • Roserade,
  • Genesect (Chill).

Is Clefable good in PvP?

Clefable is an odd candidate for PvP, as a mono-Fairy type with decent bulk and a relatively slow moveset. Due to the low energy generation of Charm, Clefable has a difficult time applying shield pressure on its opponents, and overall doesn’t perform as well against foes who aren’t weak to Fairy-type.

Why is Clefable so good?

An immunity to hazards and other passive damage thanks to its incredible Magic Guard ability makes Clefable a fantastic defensive Pokémon that provides excellent role compression for most balance teams. Moonblast is Clefable’s main STAB move, boasting decent power and perfect accuracy.

What is the best nature for clefairy?

Read on for tips on the best Nature, EV spreads, Movesets, and Held Items to use with Clefairy, as well as its strengths and weak points….Friend Guard Doubles Support Moveset & Best Build.

Nature Bold(+Def, -Atk)
Final Stat Values HP 177 / Def 101 / Sp.Atk 80 / Sp.Def 93 / Spd 55
Ability Friend Guard

What is the best nature for Clefable?

Maximum Special Attack investment and a Modest nature make Clefable as strong as possible, while 176 Speed EVs allow Clefable to outspeed Mega Mawile; the rest of the EVs are dumped into HP.

How do you evolve a clefairy?

Clefairy (Japanese: ピッピ Pippi) is a Fairy-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. Prior to Generation VI, it was a Normal-type Pokémon. It evolves from Cleffa when leveled up with high friendship and evolves into Clefable when exposed to a Moon Stone.

Is clefairy a gengar?

Gengar is known as the “Shadow Pokémon”, but what exactly is it a shadow of? Take a look at a picture of Clefable, and then one of Gengar. Their body shapes are almost exactly alike, with the only major difference being that Clefable has a curl for its hair and tail, while Gengar has spikes.

Is Clefable rare?

Clefable is a timid creature that flees when it senses people approaching and is one of the world’s rarest Pokémon. Its sensitive ears can distinctly hear a pin drop from half a mile (one kilometer) away.

How do I get clefairy?

Clefairy Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield: You can find Clefairy in the following locations:

  1. Motostoke Riverbank. OVERWORLD – Heavy Fog (Lv.
  2. Giant’s Cap.
  3. Evolves from Cleffa (evolves when reaching high friendship, which means you must play with Cleffa at camp and cook curry to improve the friendship value)

Where is jigglypuff in Pokemon sword?

Jigglypuff can only be found in the wild if the player has purchased the Pokemon Sword & Shield expansion pass. Otherwise, the only other way to receive this Pokemon is by trading with a trainer who owns one or by transferring one in from Pokemon Home. Jigglypuff can be found only in the Isle of Armor.

How do you evolve a Clefable sword?

How do i get Clefable’s evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Pokemon Sword and Shield Cleffa evolves into Clefairy with a high Friendship. Clefairy then evolves into its final evolution Clefable with a use Moon Stone.

Where is clefairy in Pokemon sword?

Clefairy can be found in the Wild Area, the huge area home to tons of powerful and exciting Pokemon. In particular, Clefairy spawns in the Motostoke Riverbank, the area past the bridge when you can encounter Snorlax.

What type is clefairy?


How do you get a clefairy hidden ability?

You can’t currently get Clefairy with its hidden ability. You have to wait for Home or if an event is released for it.

How much is a holographic clefairy worth?

7) First Edition Holographic Clefairy Almost as rarely seen in high grade as Clefairy itself, this card can bring $2,500 or more in PSA 10 condition.

How much is a holographic Mewtwo worth?


Grade Most Recent Price Population
MINT 9 $2,949.00 419
NM – MT 8 278
NM 7 $660.00 146
EX – MT 6 $700.00 144

What is the most expensive Pokemon card in the world?


How much is a 1995 blastoise worth?

Mavin found 120 sold results for “1995 Blastoise Pokemon card”. Prices range from $9.85 to $9,999.00. The estimated market value is $40.27.