What level should I be for the elite four SoulSilver?

What level should I be for the elite four SoulSilver?

level 40

What is the 5th Gym in Johto?

Cianwood City

What level should my Pokemon be at each gym HeartGold?

You should always be within 5 levels of every gym leader +/- 2 I’d say. If you have a type advantage you should be good though. Once you get to Kanto your entire team should be in their late 40s and mid 50s.

Where is the 5th gym in Pokemon Gold?

The Cianwood Gym (Japanese: タンバジム Tanba Gym) is the official Gym of Cianwood City. It is based on Fighting-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Chuck.

What type is the first gym in Johto?

Falkner (Japanese: ハヤト Hayato) is the Gym Leader of Violet City’s Gym, known officially as the Violet Gym. He hands out the Zephyr Badge to Trainers who defeat him. He specializes in Flying-type Pokémon….Johto Leaders Tournament.

Normal Flying

Is Bugsy a boy or girl?


Bugsy ツクシ Tsukushi
“The Walking Bug Pokémon Encyclopedia”
Gender Male
Eye color Black*, Lavender*
Hair color Lavender

What is the fifth gym in Kanto?

The Cerulean Gym (Japanese: ハナダジム Hanada Gym) is the second Pokémon gym in the Kanto region if playing a purely Kanto game, if playing Gold and Silver, it is the 4th Kanto Gym and if playing HeartGold and SoulSilver, it is the 5th Kanto Gym. It is located in Cerulean City which is and the leader is Misty.

Is there a Kanto Elite Four in SoulSilver?

The Elite Four in HeartGold & SoulSilver are positioned within the Indigo Plateau in Kanto. However, despite their positioning, you need to get all 8 Johto gym badges in order to access them.

Is Koga part of Team Rocket?

Koga is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is a member of the Elite Four in the Johto region, was the Gym Leader of Fuchsia City and was an executive of Team Rocket in the Kanto region.

Why did Koga become elite four?

Unlike Sabrina or Blaine, who rely mostly on strong offensive, Koga is a master of techniques such as Poison, Confusion and Evasion, making him a more fit member to the Elite Four.

How old is Koga Pokemon?


Which gym is Koga?

Fuchsia Gym

Fuchsia Gym セキチクジム Sekichiku Gym
Location Fuchsia City
Badge Soul Badge
Dominant Type Poison

Which Janine is the real one?

Fuchsia Gym (HeartGold, SoulSilver) Red squares indicate trainers (fake Janines) and the purple square is the real Janine.

Is Koga before Sabrina?

The save screen shows Koga before Sabrina, but your rival mentions the Saffron City Gym and you’re already right there. So it makes more sense to fight her first. IIRC, Gen 1 listed Koga after Sabrina, but had the same scenario where both Gyms were accessible and had teams at equivalent levels.

Where do you go after you beat the Fuchsia City Gym?

You can go south from Fuchsia City and go through Route 19 and 20 to reach the Seafoam Islands, where another rare pokémon can be found. You can surf in the water in Pallet Town and go south from there through Route 21 to reach Cinnabar Island, where the next Pokémon Gym awaits.

What Pokemon should I use against Koga?

Recommended Pokemon vs. Koga Rematch

Pokemon Description
Golem Golem is a Rock/Ground Pokemon. Use Ground Type moves against Muk & Weezing while Venomoth & Golbat are weak against Rock Type attacks.
Rhydon Rhydon is also a Rock/Ground Type. He can take down all of Koga’s Poison Pokemon with just a couple of well placed moves.

What do I do after I beat Team Rocket in Saffron City?

After defeating Team Rocket in the Silph Co. building, there are a few things to do around town – a man outside Silph offers you a Porygon as a gift, whilst the Police Officer in to the top right of town will give you a new outfit. Then, it’s time to take on the Gym – only there’s a catch.

What Pokemon does Koga use?

Koga (Japanese: キョウ Kyō) was the Gym Leader of Fuchsia City’s Gym. He is a student of ninjutsu who specializes in Poison-type Pokémon. He handed out the Soul Badge to Trainers who defeated him….Pokémon Yellow.

Types: Bug Poison
Venonat Lv.48
Toxic Poison — Psychic Psychic — Sleep Powder Grass — Double-Edge Normal —

What TM does Sabrina give you?

In Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen, Trainers must navigate warp tiles to find Sabrina hiding in the middle of her Gym. Defeating her will earn them the Marsh Badge and a Psychic-type TM: TM46 (Psywave) in Generation I; TM04 (Calm Mind) in Generation III.

What level is Kogas?

Gym Leader Koga

Level 44 Moves
Type Bug/Poison Sludge Bomb Protect Psychic Bug Buzz

Who is Blaine Pokemon?

Blaine (Japanese: カツラ Katsura) is the Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island’s (later the Seafoam Islands’) Gym, known officially as the Cinnabar Gym. He hands out the Volcano Badge to Trainers who defeat him. He is a highly intelligent man who specializes in Fire-type Pokémon.

Did Blaine create Mewtwo?

Upon entering, Mewtwo attacks Red with a tornado made of psychic energy. Red is saved by Blaine, who reveals that he was a member of Team Rocket and created Mewtwo. Blaine reveals that because he did not have enough of Mew’s cells, he was forced to use his own cells to finish Mewtwo’s body.

Does Blaine have a moltres?

Blaine’s Moltres – 1/132 – Holo Unlimited.

How much is a Blaine’s Charizard worth?


Grade Most Recent Price POP Higher
NM – MT 8 $1,000.00 992
NM 7 $660.00 1172
EX – MT 6 $600.00 1237
EX 5 $600.00 1280

What level should I be for the elite four SoulSilver?

What level should I be for the elite four SoulSilver?

level 40

How many full restores does Lance have?

5 full restores

Who is stronger Cynthia or Tobias?

So cynthia is arguably more stronger than trainer than tobias. But these are said only by judging his 2 known Pokemon. Many will say darkrai is his strongest since he uses it more often. It can be either his starter Pokemon(a non legendary) or something more powerfull like mewtwo.

Does Ash Meet Cynthia again?

Major events. Ash learns that Unova’s League Conference will be held in three months. Ash meets up with Cynthia again, while Iris and Cilan meet her for the first time.

Who can defeat Cynthia?

Cynthia’s Garchomp is the stuff of legends and the other major threat. 12 years later, many Trainers say there’s not a harder fight. Ice and Dragon-type moves are your best bet.

Did Tobias lose to Cynthia?

If so we know Tobias lost as Cynthia is still referred to as Champion in Unova. They did not. They said Tobias, by wining the tournament, would later challenge the Elite Four and Cynthia but the battles aren’t shown.

Has anyone defeated Cynthia?

Cynthia’s main and most powerful Pokémon. Garchomp is seen in all of Cynthia’s battles and has never been seen being defeated. Its first appearance was in Double Team Turnover, where it battled Saturn and Team Galactic Grunts.

Why is Cynthia the best champion?

A big reason why Cynthia is commonly heralded as the best Champion of Pokemon is because of her similarity with us as players. She references a Pokemon journey of her own as a child, and shares a youthful enthusiasm for the mysteries of the PokeWorld.

Why does everyone like Cynthia Pokemon?

She’s got a reasonably well-developed character, she’s got a strong team and puts up a reasonable challenge, she’s arguably the best champion in terms of story and strength, and for a lot of people it helps that she’s an attractive blonde.

Who is the most powerful Pokemon champion?

Cynthia is the strongest of the Pokemon Champions, followed by Leon, Iris, Steven, Blue, Lance, Diantha, Alder, and Wallace ranked in terms of strength.

Who is the easiest Pokemon champion?


Does Cynthia have rayquaza?

It’s unknown if Cynthia owns Rayquaza in real life….Cynthia’s Rayquaza.

Gender Genderless
Owner Cynthia
Status Likely just an illusion
Other Information

Why is Cynthia so good?

Cynthia is one of the most powerful opponents in the Pokémon video games. She transcends even other Champions with her persistence as well as her skill—she’s a potential opponent in eleven different games, and her teams of diverse, experienced Pokémon make her formidable in each encounter.

What Pokemon does Cynthia give you?

She will first meet the player in Eterna City, where she will give them HM01 (Cut) when first met. In Platinum only, she will give the player a Togepi Egg after the player has defeated Jupiter in the Team Galactic Eterna Building….Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Grass Poison