What is rated R age limit?

What is rated R age limit?


What does Rated K+ mean?

minor violence

Is NC 17 worse than R?

In September 1990, the MPAA introduced the rating “NC-17” (“No Children Under 17 Admitted”). Rated PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Rated R: Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Rated NC-17: No children under 17 admitted.

Is fan fiction legal?

Under U.S. copyright law, the legality of a given work of fanfiction will depend principally on three legal doctrines: (1) copyrightability of the underlying source work; (2) the derivative work right; and (3) fair use. Copyright goes into effect automatically, even if a work is not published.

What is the most famous fanfiction ever?

Most popular sections

Rank Fandom No. of stories
1 Harry Potter 832K
2 Naruto 434K
3 Twilight 221K
4 Supernatural 126K

What is the most read fanfic?

A fic about Minecraft Youtubers is now the most read fic of all time. Previously, the English language fic with the most all time hits on AO3 was a My Hero Academia fic called “Yesterday Upon the Stair” with 1,548,534 reads, but it has been replaced.

What is the longest FanFiction ever written?

It’s a Super Smash-bros fan-fiction called “Super Smash Bros Under Fire: The Great Adventure Saga.” It was Published on June 14 2018 and last updated on August 31 2018.

What is the best fanfiction ever written?

21 Completely Engrossing Fan Fictions You Won’t Be Able To Stop Reading

  • The Shoebox Project by Dorkorific and LadyJaida.
  • The Life and Times by Jewels5.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky.
  • After the End by Zsenya and Arabella.
  • Twist and Shout by Gabriel and StandByMe.

What anime has the best fanfiction?

  • The Scarlet eyes, The crimson eyes (Naruto Fan Fic)
  • Where I belong, Belonging in the Naruto World, Belonging in the Naruto Shippuden World(Naruto)
  • Feeling Human (Owari no Seraph)
  • Vampire Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul+Diabolik Lovers+Vampire Knight)
  • Attack On One Punch Man (AoT+One Punch Man)
  • Revenge Plan (Haikyuu)

What is the most popular fanfiction on AO3?

I am Groot

What is the best BTS fanfic?

Best BTS fanfics that I have read

  • Rain (A BTS Suga Fanfic) #Wattys2015. 947K 30.8K 39.
  • Cliches Don’t Matter [BTS Taehyung] 840K 24.9K 29.
  • Let Me Know BTS;Suga. 2.4M 73.2K 36.
  • My Personal Trainer《BTS JIMIN FANFIC》 272K 10.7K 47.
  • Don’t Go… Please.
  • Mr Arrogant || kth. » book 2.
  • Beautiful Nightmare (BTS;V) 94.5K 3.3K 9.
  • The Boy Next Room (BTS JIMIN) 905K 36K 49.

Who is the most weird in BTS?

BTS’s Jungkook has done a lot of weird and wonderful things, but these are 15 of his strangest moments to date!

  1. When he recorded a cover of Jimin’s “Promise”…in a closet.
  2. When he blew out birthday candles…with his nose.
  3. When he danced to “No More Dream” while wearing this giant skull.

What does Yoongi call Taehyung?

Yoongi → Taehyung: Most Commonly: Taehyung-ah (태형아).

Is it OK to read BTS fanfiction?

i read fanfics a lot and i think it’s fine to read and write fanfics bc,, well it’s work made by fans and it’s how we show that we love bts. as long as we remember that it’s all just purely fiction and that we don’t shove fanfics in front of bts’ faces (especially nsfw ones) i think it’s fine.

Is it wrong to read fanfiction?

Sometimes fanfiction can be too much and you tend to mix what’s in fanfiction and what’s in reality. That’s a no no. Reading fanfiction actually isn’t that different from reading novel or another fictions. You will be able to learn how not to only read, but also feel.

What does BTS FF mean?

The Meaning Of L.O.V.E (fanfic BTS)

Why do people hate fanfictions?

The people who hate fanfics are usually one of these types of people: -They think it’s lazy/unoriginal/plagiarism. They think that everybody has to do something creative or original without using other materials of other people. -They think it’s lazy/unoriginal/plagiarism.

Why is slash fanfiction so popular?

So they write and read about it to try and understand it. And slash is so popular probably because of the forbidden aspect and the fulfillment that people can get from it. There’s a reason that romance writing is usually marketed to females.

Why is fanfiction so popular?

It’s popular because it allows books/shows you follow to end up the way you want them to. Moreover, we tend to get attached to characters and can’t take it when a series with the character ends. Fanfiction keeps these characters alive, and gives you new reading material with your desired characters.

Does fanfiction count as reading?

No. The vast majority of fanfic are less than 10K words which is nowhere near long enough to be a like a book. I’m pedantic enough to want to count everything I read so therefore, no, I wouldn’t count fanfic in a book list. I would keep separate tallies for both.

How does JK Rowling feel about fanfiction?

What does JK Rowling think about fanfiction? JK Rowling has given her blessing to fans who write fanfictions. “JK Rowling’s reaction is that she is very flattered by the fact there is such great interest in her Harry Potter series and that people take the time to write their own stories.”

Is reading fanfiction good for your brain?

Yes, if the fanfic is of good quality. Insight into human nature, higher-level thinking, advanced vocabulary, etc. All that and more can be learned from really good fanfiction, just as much as from quality literature. That said, it all comes down to what you’re feeding your brain.

Is wattpad good for 12 year olds?

Bottom line – is Wattpad safe for kids? Apple’s age requirement is spot on. We do not recommend Wattpad for users under 17. Honestly, you do not even have to look to find inappropriate content.

Is wattpad safe for 11 year olds?

Wattpad says: ‘they will not allow users under 13s to sign up (when using the app) – automatically blocks registration. The site moderators will also terminate accounts if they learn someone is under 13. ‘

Is wattpad hacked 2020?

On July 14, 2020, our research team discovered that a threat actor shared a compromised database allegedly originating from Wattpad. The leaked database included more than 270 million records with more than 268 million unique email address and password combinations.

Why do schools block Wattpad?

High schools may choose to block websites that may have questionable content as well – even if not all of it is questionable. Some public libraries also choose to filter access to sites that may have access to content they deem inappropriate or even illegal. Failure to do so may affect their federal funding.