What is exotic damage resilience?

What is exotic damage resilience?

Exotic Damage Resilience is an attribute of a player’s character that can be affected by Stats, Skills, Gear, and Weapons. Attribute Type: Survivability. Exotic Damage Resilience mitigate damage from burn, bleed, fire, shock, electric, explosion damage.

What is the highest World tier Division 2?

For the time being, the Endgame in The Division 2 is capped at World Tier 4, with a maximum Gear Score of 450.

Should I get to World Tier 5 before warlords?

Reaching this threshold and achieving World Tier 5 is necessary to access the expansion. Although keep in mind that once you choose to enter the expansion, you must finish it before heading back to Washington D.C. As well as the XP boost, Warlords of New York offers a level-40 weapon and outfit if you pre-purchase.

Can Black Tusk retake control points?

Allied forces will assault control points without your involvement, so even if you haven’t attacked one yourself, you may notice a control point has switched ownership. The Black Tusk will continue to fight back though, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to completely conquer Washington D.C. again.

What are Division 2 World tiers?

World Tiers are difficulty modes within The Division 2’s endgame. You move from one tier to the next automatically once you’ve reached a certain Gear Score and completed the necessary missions.

What is the best gun in the Division 2?

The Division 2 weapon damage stats list and damage charts – find the best weapons in The Division 2

Weapon Damage Reload
1886 31185 4
M4 / LAR-15 10603 2.4
USC 9979 2.2
M16A2 5925 2.4

Can control points be lost Division 2?

Once you get to the point where the Black Tusk invades DC, Control Points will frequently and consistently become captured by the enemy. You can recapture these points to get gear, blueprints, and other loot. The points can stay captured for longer by donating supplies and resources.