What does sulky mean?

What does sulky mean?

Adjective. sullen, glum, morose, surly, sulky, crabbed, saturnine, gloomy mean showing a forbidding or disagreeable mood. sullen implies a silent ill humor and a refusal to be sociable.

What is an Irish woman called?

Colleen is a common English language name of Irish-American origin and a generic term for Irish women or girls, from the Irish cailín ‘unmarried girl/woman’, the diminutive of caile ‘woman, countrywoman’.

What does Bier mean?

A bier is a stand on which a corpse, coffin, or casket containing a corpse is placed to lie in state or to be carried to the grave. In Christian burial, the bier is often placed in the centre of the nave with candles surrounding it, and remains in place during the funeral.

What do you call the thing a casket sits on?

A catafalque is a raised bier, box, or similar platform, often movable, that is used to support the casket, coffin, or body of the deceased during a Christian funeral or memorial service. According to Peter Stanford, the term originates from the Italian catafalco, which means scaffolding.

What does Beir mean?

Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiations

What does Bier mean in Chinese?

/bɪr/ a frame on which a dead body or a coffin is carried before a funeral. 停尸架;棺材架

What does Bier mean in Latin?

bier(Noun) a litter to transport the corpse of a dead person.

What bear means?

suffer, endure, abide, tolerate

What is a Vier?

Noun. vier (plural viers) One who vies for something.

How many is Vier?

Learn the German Numbers 1-10 Drei – “Three” Vier – “Four”

What does FUNF mean in German?

Translation Matrix for fünf:

Adjective Related Translations
five fünf

How do you say 8 in German?

In this lesson we will learn how to formulate the numbers from one to one hundred in German. You need not memorize every single one once you have the patterns down….One to Twelve.

Number German Word Pronunciation
7 sieben ZEE-bin
8 acht akt
9 neun noin
10 zehn tsayn

How do Germans say Germany?

For example, in the German language, the country is known as Deutschland from the Old High German diutisc, in Spanish as Alemania and in French as Allemagne from the name of the Alamanni tribe, in Italian as Germania from the Latin Germania (although the German people are called tedeschi), in Polish as Niemcy from the …

How do you say 25 in German?

Here you can clearly see the pattern in the numbers

  1. 21 = einundzwanzig.
  2. 22 = zweiundzwanzig.
  3. 23 = dreiundzwanzig.
  4. 24 = vierundzwanzig.
  5. 25 = fünfundzwanzig.
  6. 30 = dreißig.
  7. 31 = einunddreißig.
  8. 32 = zweiunddreißig.

How do you count from 1 to 100 in German?

The Rest Of The Tens

  1. thirty — dreißig.
  2. forty — vierzig.
  3. fifty — fünfzig.
  4. sixty — sechzig.
  5. seventy — siebzig.
  6. eighty — achtzig.
  7. ninety — neunzig.
  8. one hundred — einhundert.

What is a German count?

Graf (male) or Gräfin (female) is a historical title of the German nobility, usually translated as “count”. Considered to be intermediate among noble ranks, the title is often treated as equivalent to the British title of “earl” (whose female version is “countess”).

How do you say 40 in German?

Counting from 21 to 99

  1. 30 – dreißig – Pronunciation.
  2. 40 – vierzig – Pronunciation.
  3. 50 – fünfzig – Pronunciation.
  4. 60 – sechzig – Pronunciation.
  5. 70 – siebzig – Pronunciation.
  6. 80 – achtzig – Pronunciation.
  7. 90 – neunzig – Pronunciation.

How do you spell 37 in German?

For language learners new to German, a simple table of numbers can be quite useful!…German Numbers 1-100 Posted by komo on Mar 24, 2010 in Uncategorized.

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36 sechsunddreißig
37 siebenunddreißig
38 achtunddreißig
39 neununddreißig

What is the word for 18 in German?

achtzehn. Definition: The word for 18 in German.

How do you say 3rd in German?

dritte (dri-te) (third)

How do you pronounce zehn?

Checking multiple sources online, zehn is pronounced like ‘zeen’ as in the English ‘seen’. A friend who has been taking some German lessons at the GI is learning it as ‘zaen’, as in the English ‘zen’.