What are some brave names?

What are some brave names?

890 Baby Names Meaning Brave

Abheek Fearless; Brave; Courageous Boy
Abhey Fearless; Brave; Courageous Boy
Abhi Fearless; Brave; Courageous Boy
Abhinu Brave Man; Fearless; Courageous

Is Adira a Hindu name?

Adira is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Adira is written in Hindi as अदीरा.

What does vihaan mean?


Is vivaan Lord Krishna name?

Vivaan: Vivaan, another title given to lord Krishna and vivaan meaning is full of life. 18. Vrajraj: This name is a moniker attached to lord Krishna and adds to his long list of titles. 19.

Is vihaan Lord Krishna name?

Thanks to Yamunashtak (Holy Hindu Book of Verse) and Kritika (sister in law) gave us right choice of name; VIHAAN (First ray of morning) & VIVAAN (Lord Krishna).

Is vihaan Hindu name?

Vihaan is a Hindu masculine name from the Sanskrit (विहान) meaning “dawn, morning” as in the “first ray of sun”. As such, the name’s origin imbues a sense of a new day or an awakening (or the dawning of a new era). Vihaan is currently a Top 10 favorite name in India.

What is the real name of vihaan?

Vihaan (Nikhil Sinha), who was playing Rachna (Mahima Makwana) love interest, quit the show due to creative differences with the makers.

What does aarush mean?

Aarush is a Hindu/Indian name (आरुष) from Sanskrit meaning “first ray of the sun” as in the mark of dawn. This is one of the most commonly used masculine names in India right now, ranked #12 in terms of popularity.

What is a good Indian name?

Indian baby names for girls

  • Aahna: exist.
  • Aesha: wish.
  • Adhira: moon.
  • Alisha: noble.
  • Amara: eternal.
  • Amoli: precious.
  • Ananya: unique.
  • Anika: grace.

What is the most rare name in India?

Rare Indian Baby Names

Name Meaning Gander
Aafiya Good Health Boy
Aagam Arrival Boy
Aagney Son of the Fire God Boy
Aahil Prince Boy

What is the rarest name for a boy?

Rare Baby Names for Boys

  • Josiah.
  • Kapono.
  • Keanu.
  • Maverick.
  • Nathaniel. There are many of this name like Nathan or Nate.
  • Osvaldo. This name is a Spanish and Portuguese variant of the name “Oswald”.
  • Quentin. A very regal and unique name for your baby, which means “fifth”.
  • Riggs. This name has its origin in Old English.