What are eggs for Resident Evil 4?

What are eggs for Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil 4 When equipped in the Inventory Menu, Leon will playfully throw the egg up and down in one hand. They are not deadly when used as weapons, hitting a Ganado can cause them to flinch or be stunned. Inflicting any sort of damage to an egg before picking it up will cause it to break and be irretrievable.

How many treasures are there in Resident Evil 5?

50 treasures

Can you combine treasures in re5?

You can’t combine treasures.

Do you sell treasures in Resident Evil 5?

No. Having collected the treasures is enough, you can sell them. And, they don’t matter as far as the game goes.

What does the melee vest do in re5?

Provides protection against melee attacks. Can be worn with the Bulletproof vest. The Melee vest is an item that can be purchased from the store in Resident Evil 5 for ₦10,000 at Chapter 1-2 and onward and resold for only ₦1,000.

Should I buy melee vest Resident Evil 5?

Yes, it reduces damage by half. Useful on normal and veteran. I always skip it on Normal, but its pretty help for Vet.

How do you use the melee vest in Resident Evil 5?

All you have to do is equip it in your character’s inventory. It will automatically reduce melee damage, but at the cost of an inventory slot.

Is melee vest worth it in Resident Evil 5?

How do you get unlimited money in Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil 4 Money Cheat – How to Earn Money Fast To do it, head to the area immediately after you exit the Sewer into the Castle. There’s a large ballroom here, where you’ll find a group of monks performing a sacrifice. What you need to do is throw a grenade into the room and kill them before they run away.

How do you get the rotten egg in Resident Evil 5?


  1. Rotten eggs are randomly dropped by majini and so are an extrem rareity in the game.
  2. play through 4-2 until at the 3rd level of laser maze.
  3. Just kill some of the majini later in the game and eventually they will drop one.
  4. I’ve found that the mobs in 5-1 have the best drop rate.

What are spinels for in Resident Evil 4?

Appears in The Spinel is a very common jewel found many times throughout Resident Evil 4 in the village and the castle. They are not found on the island. It can be sold to the Merchant for 2,000₧, and has no other functions in the game.

Should I sell the ruby in Resident Evil 4?

Just sell it. It’s worth 10000 and doesn’t fit anything, and there are multiple rubies throughout the game.

Should I sell the Punisher Resident Evil 4?

Punisher is completely useless gimmicky garbage. Get the medallions so you can get it for free and sell it immediately. Get the Red9 ASAP. It’s far and away the most powerful handgun, and comes with a stock to also make it the most accurate.

What can I sell re4 for?

  • Treasures to sell: Amber Ring. Antique Pipe. Brass Pocket Watch. Dirty Brass Pocket Watch. Elegant Chessboard.
  • Treasures to Keep for Combining Later: Beerstein. Blue Eye. Blue Stone of Treasion. Butterfly Lamp. Crown.
  • Chapter Reference for each treasure. Chapter 1-1: Beerstein. Red Catseye. Chapter 1-2: Elegant Mask.

Can I sell the Illuminados pendant?

The Illuminados Pendant is a treasure item in Resident Evil 4. It appears as a gold pendant with a red jewel and bears the insignia of Los Iluminados (misspelt “Los Illuminados” in English localisation). The pendants can be sold for 12,000₧ each.

What fits in the elegant mask?

A mask with 3 divots like something might fit inside. An elegant mask that looks valuable. You can sell this to the merchant to make some extra Pesetas. However, if you combine it with the Red Gem, the Green Gem and the Purple Gem, the value will increase.

What happens if you kill the merchant?

The player can actually kill the Merchant. His body will not fade, and he will respawn in that specific spot after some time in Amateur and Normal difficulties, but not in Professional, where he will never come back.

Is the merchant in re4 infected?

He is simply referred to as The Merchant. Beyond his nickname and his profession, selling and buying stuff, we don’t know much about this man. It can be assumed by his appearance and voice that he is probably infected with the same parasite that has turned the other villagers in the area into angry and violent folks.

Who is the stranger in Resident Evil 4?

The Merchant was an infamous character from Resident Evil 4. He allows both Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong to sell treasures and items to him as well as buy and upgrade weapons and other items. He appears throughout the Village, Castle and Island in Safe Areas, often with a Typewriter next to him.

Are Ganados zombies?

Ganados from Resident Evil 4 are like zombies but more intelligent, vicious, faster and stronger. Unlike zombies they are controlled by the queen las plagas or controlled plagas. Animals may also be use as a weapon by infecting them like dogs. They also performed B.O.W.