Was Rex An ARC trooper?

Was Rex An ARC trooper?

Rex, or CT-7567, was a clone trooper captain and later commander during the Clone Wars….

Rank: Captain Commander
Variant: ARC trooper

Is Captain Rex a Mandalorian?

He is a clone trooper of the Grand Army of the Republic, cloned from Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, and serves the Galactic Republic under the command of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano.

Is Captain Rex dead?

Rebels confirmed Rex was still alive during Return of the Jedi (which is set five years before The Mandalorian) and even fought in the Battle of Endor.

How did 99 die?

99 was shot and killed by a battle droid while attempting to retrieve explosives for use in combating the droids. Once the Confederacy was pushed back, 99 was mourned by his brothers and commended as a true soldier.

Why is clone 99 so old?

99 suffered from genetic and physical defects due to errors when he was being cloned.

Who is the oldest clone trooper?

CT-6116, nicknamed “Kix,” was a clone medic who served in the Grand Army of the Republic’s 501st Legion during the Clone Wars. Throughout the course of the war, Kix maintained a close friendship with CT-5597, a fellow clone of the 501st nicknamed “Jesse.” The two frequently accompanied each other on missions.

Did Commander Fox kill fives?

In his panic and desperation, the ARC trooper raised a blaster pistol at the approaching guards, but Fox opened fire, killing Fives with a shot through his heart.

Why was Commander Fox hated?

He did show remorse, such as when he killed Fives, but he didn’t hesitate to follow orders to kill him. I don’t say the clones hated him, but they probably saw him as an uptight, boring, perfect order following machine that got the cushy job with the politicians.

Why did Fox kill fives?

In order to save his life, the lives of the men in the Coruscant Guard, and the lives of Anakin and Rex, he neutralizes the threat by killing Fives, inadvertently stopping the public knowing about Order 66, which he had no idea about.

Why did Gregor go crazy?

Due to the brain damage he had sustained during the Clone Wars, Gregor experienced occasional periods of insanity during the Age of the Empire. Unlike Wolffe, Gregor, along with Rex, was not hostile towards Kanan Jarrus and his rebel cell, the Spectres.

Why does Captain Rex have tally marks on his helmet?

During the Clone Wars, several clone troopers bore tally marks on their helmet to signify their kills. Captains CT-7567 “Rex” and CC-5576-39 “Gregor” were some clone officers that possessed tallies, however Rex stated he didn’t keep track. Other troopers that had tallies included Waxer and Buzz.

How did Rex get JAIG eyes?

During an off-the-books mission to the planet Onderon that required Rex to forgo his personal trooper armor, the Republic captain carried his awarded jaig eyes over to new, non-military attire.

How did Rex modify his helmet?

Captain Rex’s phase 2 helmet (when he finally gets one) appears to use a phase 1 visor style, with it being thick at the nose and tapering towards the ears, while the standard phase 2 helmets start thinner at the nose and expand to make a larger blob around the eye.

How old is Captain Rex in rebels?

32 years old

Did Rex die in rebels?

After discovering a report from Rex about the inhibitor chips, Ahsoka managed to remove Rex’s inhibitor chip, thus freeing him from carrying out Order 66. Eventually, Ahsoka and Rex escaped and managed to fake their deaths before leaving to live in exile.

Did Rex meet Luke?

Captain Rex survived during the Rise of the Empire. Rex was with the ground forces at the battle of Endor so he was aware of Luke, Han and Leia. He met and knew Luke Skywalker and after hearing Luke’s last name I’m sure he could put two and two together.

Did Captain Rex betray the Jedi?

As detailed in the Star Wars: Rebels episode “The Lost Commanders”, Rex and his friends (Wolffe and Gregor) removed their control chips before Order 66, and thus were unaffected. The key dialogue: I didn’t betray my Jedi.

Did Captain Rex become a commander?

He was eventually promoted to the rank of commander and fought in the climactic Battle of Endor, which saw the first death of Emperor Palpatine, the redemption of his former Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, and the destruction of the second Death Star.

Who are the three clones in rebels?

In this clip from the Star Wars Rebels episode, “The Lost Commanders”, Ezra introduces himself and the rest of his compatriots to the clones, who identify themselves as Captain Rex and Commanders Gregor and Wolffe. The meeting becomes much friendlier when Ezra reveals they were sent by Ahsoka Tano.