Should I cure serana?

Should I cure serana?

If you cure her she can no longer give you vampire lord and make bloodcursed elven arrows. I wouldn’t cure her just because of the fact that if you do you can no longer be a vampire lord because she is the only person who can still give you this dark gift.

Should I kill serana?

Killing Serana does not some how invalidate the entire DLC. The only difference is this: You don’t have a lackwit following you around raising bunnies and cows to fight alongside her. Kill her, take the elder scroll.

Can serana die after being cured?

Can Serana die as a follower? No, she is essential to the Dawnguard storyline and stays essential after its completion. She does get progressively weaker as her max level is 50 and for some won’t even drink the vial of blood you can loot after taking on her father.

Can you marry serana after she’s cured?

While it is possible to turn your spouse into a vampire in the Dawnguard expansion, once you yourself have become a vampire, it isn’t possible to marry someone who is already a vampire, like Serana. Fortunately, this is where fan mods come in to pick up the slack and give players what they want.

Can you ever kill serana?

(speaking of PS3) serana cannot be killed as far as i know. there have been a few times i have honestly tried when she had me trapped places. then i remembered i can shout an have her fly across the room.

Should I let serana make me a vampire?

A normal human cannot survive inside. If you allow Serana to turn you into a Vampire Lord, you can enter without being harmed. Just make sure to complete the “Rising at Dawn” quest (the standard quest to cure vampirism, started by speaking to Falion in Morthal) before returning to Fort Dawnguard.

Can you turn serana back into a vampire?

Not possible. Once she’s cured, that’s it. Only other option is to start a new game, if it’s that important to you that she stay a vampire.

Does Harkon kill serana?

The game will immediately crash. Serana may stay locked in combat after Harkon dies, making it so dialogue is unavailable. Attack Serana until she goes down (or exit the room and initiate conversation), and she will speak.

Is serana affected by sunlight?

They just are weakened and do not regenerate health, stamina, or magicka. Serana can wander around in sunlight, but she always equips a hood and complains about it constantly.

Does serana stay your follower?

You can have Serana continue to follow you once the quest line is over, and you will have 2 followers. If you dismiss Serana after the Dawnguard quest line is over, you may run into a bug where you can never have her as a follower again in the same play through.

Can you kill Harkon without Auriel’s Bow?

In Volkihar Cathedral, the hero and Serana must take on her father Harkon in a fight to oblivion. In this fight, the hero will finally understand how his enemies feel when fighting him as the vampire lord. It is simply impossible to defeat an arch vampire lord unless one has Auriel’s Bow.

Can you switch sides in Dawnguard?

No. You start off doing one mission for Dawnguard regardless, but after that you make a choice and are stuck with it.

What happens if I side with the vampires in Dawnguard?

Choosing to side with the Dawnguard gives you full access to Fort Dawnguard (which has all the normal amenities of a home base), plus weapons, armor, and spells that are effective against vampires, and the ability to hire Armored Trolls for 500g.

Where is serana after cure?

1 Answer. According to the wiki, she will be at Dawnguard not at your home. Since she doesn’t live with you it makes sense she won’t be in your place. And the castle would presumably remind her of her dead father so she isn’t there.

How long before serana is cured?

3 days

Where to find serana if you lose her?

Where does she return to/has gone to? If serana isn’t at any of the two castles while your doing the unseen visions quest, then she will be at Ancestor Glade entrance. That’s where I found her when I lost her.

How did serana become a vampire?

She is one of the few pure-blood Vampires known to exist. Serana gained her vampirism through a ritual in which members of her family pledged themselves to Molag Bal. Females like Serana and her mother, Valerica, who survive the horrific ordeal are dubbed “Daughters of Coldharbour.”

Why is serana not following me?

You need to either talk to her and tell her to follow, or continue with the quest and when it finishes, then you can get her back again.

How do you fix the serana glitch?

Just attack her until she goes into bleedout (when she’s out of health and on one knee). She should be fixed when she gets back up.

How do you get serana to stop following you?

Re: How to get Serana to stop following my character? You could try calming or using fear on all the enemies instead of fighting them. Calm might work better as fear would still cause Serana to use her frost spell against them.

Where do I find Auriel’s Bow in Skyrim?

Auriel’s Bow can be found in the main quest-line of Dawnguard, during the quest Touching the Sky, after becoming a Moth Priest. After beating the quest-line of Dawnguard, you can speak to Serena, who will combine her power with the arrows you are given. This will give you Bloodcursed Arrows.

What is the most powerful bow in Skyrim?

The best Bows and Crossbows in Skyrim

Weapon Damage DPS
Auriel’s Bow* 13 13
Zephyr* 12 12
Daedric Bow 19 9.5
Nightingale Bow* 19 9.5

What happens if you put blood on Auriel’s Bow?

You just dip the arrows in the blood, aim at the sun and cause a temporary eclipse which lets vampires act more freely in the daytime.

Should I be a vampire or werewolf in Skyrim?

Werewolf/Beast Form is better to have than Vampire Lord form. Werewolves are stronger faster and better in every way. If your fighting in werewolf form don’t stand toe to toe use the speed you have and run around them while swiping and you will destroy them faster while taking less damage.

Is vampirism worth it Skyrim?

if you have dawnguard its worth it for the vampire lord at least if its just the plain game not really. Vampire lord form gives you really powerful attacks like blood magic, summoning a gargoyle, vampiric grip, and a power attack that completely drains someone’s health while refilling your own if you have the perk.