Is Vriska a Scorpio?

Is Vriska a Scorpio?

Vriska is a shortening of “Vrishchika”, the Hindi name for Scorpio, or could be related to “Vṛścika” the Sanskrit word for scorpion, but could also refer to Kalpavriksha, a wish-fulfilling tree below the fourth chakra according to Zentra Yoga.

What zodiac sign is Gamzee?

Gamzee Makara, also known by his Trollian handle “terminallyCapricious”, is one of the trolls in Homestuck. His associated zodiac sign is Capricorn (♑) and his horns resemble those of a goat.

What Zodiac is Terezi?


How did Terezi go blind?

How did Terezi go blind? Vriska mind controled Tavros, making him use his psychic powers to control Terezi’s unhatched lusus into telling Terezi to go outside and look into the Alternian sun which then blinded her.

Is Terezi a girl?


Gender Identity Sexual Identity
Female Bisexual

What blood color is karkat?

Some trolls are liable to avoid wearing and typing in their own blood colors in special circumstances. Karkat, for example, wears gray in order to keep his true blood color hidden.

How did Vriska lose her arm? s=6… 5) He explodes the magic cue ball in her face, making Vriska lose her magic eye and her right arm.

How did tavros lose his legs?

Considering this, how did tavros lose his legs? On the meteor, Tavros took a nap and his dreamself died during it all. While he was sleeping, Kanaya sawed off his legs and Equius gave him new robot ones.

What color is Gamzee’s blood?

blood Purple

Who killed Terezi?


Is karkat dead?

In an alternate timeline in which Vriska departed to challenge Jack Noir, she inadvertently leads him to the trolls’ hideout and Karkat is killed along with Terezi by Noir directly, who then destroys the meteor and takes them as trophies to show to Vriska.

Are karkat and Dave dating?

In the retconned timeline, Dave and Karkat developed a much closer relationship during the meteor trip, possibly due to not having to compete over Terezi. They have been confirmed to be in a romantic relationship by Vriska and Jasprosesprite^2.

Does karkat like John?

Karkat, however, has identified only the superficial differences between himself and John. The real differences show up during their first conversation, after Karkat officially declares how much he hates John.

How many years is a sweep?

Solar sweeps are used as a measurement of time on Alternia. They are likely the troll term for years. Each solar sweep lasts 26 Earth months (or about 2.16 (repeating) Earth years), meaning six solar sweeps are exactly equal to 13 Earth years, putting the trolls at roughly the same age as the Kids.

Is Nepeta Leijon autistic?

Nepeta carries many traits which are both stereotypically and genuinely linked to autism, such as doodling a cat avatar next to her Pesterchum messages, biting her hat in frustration (stimming), living in social isolation, adoring cats altogether, her shipping wall as a “special interest,” and generally being seen as …

What page do the trolls come in homestuck?

From the first page of act 5, there’s a troll-centric storyline that fills in their backstory. The troll storyline will then gradually link up and interwine with the human kids’ story. But before then, you’ll have a lot of interaction between the trolls and humans via chat logs.

Can Homestuck trolls get pregnant?

Trolls and Humans could not conceive together for two reasons. One : Trolls have an external reproductive agent, the Mother Grub, and individuals release a genetic material, meaning they have neither sperm nor egg, which means they offer no way for a human to become pregnant, or to be impregnated by a human.

What do trolls sleep in homestuck?

Trolls sleep within recuperacoons filled with sopor slime. Sopor slime is a slime that is helpful during sleep but should not be eaten. The slime helps ease the terrible visions of blood and carnage that plague the dark subconscious of their species. Gamzee Makara is shown to eat sopor slime and make it into pie.

Do Homestuck trolls purr?

All of the trolls have the ability to purr, and they all sound different for every troll. For example, Karkat and Nepeta’s purring sounds like a cat, while Sollux’s purring sounds more like buzzing or humming, and Equius’s purr sounds very deep and rumbly, like a revving engine, and Terezi’s sounds like growling.

Do trolls have belly buttons?

This is the umbilical cord AKA the reason for belly buttons. Therefore trolls don’t have belly buttons persay, they have another word for it, but they certainly do have a stomach indent where a grubtube would have been attached.