How do you increase power in tennis clash?

How do you increase power in tennis clash?

Tennis Clash / Equipment Cards and Attributes In order to improve your Total Power you need to collect stronger cards with better attributes and keep on upgrading your cards! The higher the card level, the strongest your Lineup will be!

How do you get an elite bag in tennis clash?

Elite Bag: Takes 12 hours to unlock and contains 55 cards. You can also get these randomly after winning a match. King Bag: Takes 14 hours to open and contains 90 cards. Similar to the other bags, you can also get this bag after winning a match.

How do you increase attributes in tennis clash?

What are cards in tennis clash?

There are 7 card types:

  • Character Cards.
  • Racket Cards.
  • Grip Cards.
  • Shoes Cards.
  • Wristband Cards.
  • Nutrition Cards.
  • Workout Cards.

How do you unlock new characters in tennis clash?

Once they become available, then you have to find them by earning tennis bags and opening them. They can pop up in free bags, winning bags, points bags, or in-app purchase bags – it happens randomly, although rarer bags typically mean more of a chance of getting a new character.

What should I upgrade in tennis clash?

Instead, equip a high-end string and try winning a game or two in Tour 4. Only when you win and have enough coins to upgrade your gear and keep playing in Tour 4, then you should go for the upgrade.

How do you drop trophies in tennis clash?

The most effective way to dump them is to combine it with daily score bag. Search a match, score as much as you can and if your score is 6 just surrender (flag in the top of the screen). This way the coins you lose will be returned by the bag and the buisnes will be done.

Who is the best player in tennis clash?

Now overall, I would choose Kaito to be the best player, because in my book the stats which he has the highest at the moment are the ones which I consider the most important to me (as for the rest, I can use equipment to try and make up for them).