How do you get other clans in Bannerlord?

How do you get other clans in Bannerlord?

The lord will offer to join your kingdom and you’ll need to trade gold or other items to make them accept. The entire clan then join your faction. The same process also applies once you form your own kingdom. You won’t start with any vassals, and you’ll have to recruit characters from other kingdoms.

Can you marry twice in Bannerlord?

so far, you can get married twice, in my case.

Who can I marry in Bannerlord?

How do I get married?

  • The first rule states that the players can only marry unmarried characters from the opposite sex. There is no exception here.
  • Rule 2 is bad news for any polygamy fans: you can only marry one person.
  • You cannot marry kings and clan leaders.

Can you marry Mesui Bannerlord?

Mesui is the leader of the Khergit clan of the Khuzait faction, she is also married to Bagai, another noble of the Khuzait. Mesui is also too old to be married at the age of 27.

Can you marry companions in Warband?

Yes you can, but you have to be female yourself. And then make them a vassal, then they’re just like any other lord you have the potential to marry. Even the female companions oddly enough, since they get treated as if they’re male themselves.

How do you marry in Warband?

Courtship as a female character is very simple and direct:

  1. Find the lord you want to marry.
  2. Increase your relationship with him.
  3. Ask to “cement the alliance to their house”

Can you divorce your wife in Mount and Blade Warband?

Wait wait wait, you CAN divorce, at least in Warband!! While on the map, type ‘ctrl + ~’. Type in ‘cheatmenu’, then camp. and choose ‘Divorce Player Spouse.

How do I marry my brother in Bannerlord?

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord When you talk to the heads of other clans there is a conversation option to marry your brother or sister to the clan leaders family members. When you agree they tell you to introduce yourself. Then when you go and talk to them there is no conversation option.