Does Bell love Hestia or AIS?

Does Bell love Hestia or AIS?

Bell held her as she cried and the two soon reconciled their relationship with the approval of Hestia. The two had a very friendly relationship, though Bell hasn’t noticed her strong feelings for him.

Why does Freya want bell?

Freya has taken an interest in Bell, due to his transparent soul, ever since he passed through her gaze. She is obsessed with him and takes advantage of certain incidents in order to unleash his full potential.

Why did Freya kill Ishtar?

When Freya approaches her, Ishtar tries to bluff her way out, claiming that she had no idea that Bell was so important to Freya. However, Freya tells her that she has overlooked Ishtar’s attempts to overthrow her in past, but refuses to forgive Ishtar for trying to claim Bell for herself and has decided to destroy her.

Is Freya good or bad Danmachi?

Freya is one of the main characters and an anti-hero of Danmachi. She is the head of the Freya Familia. Her goal is to have Bell Cranel for herself no matter who gets in her way friend or foe alike (even if he dies, she’ll leave the world to have his soul in heaven forever).

What is Freya the goddess of?

Freyja, (Old Norse: “Lady”), most renowned of the Norse goddesses, who was the sister and female counterpart of Freyr and was in charge of love, fertility, battle, and death. Her father was Njörd, the sea god.

Is Freya evil god of war?

Freya is a supporting character and an anti-villain of the 2018 video game God of War. She is the Norse Goddess of Love, War, Beauty, Fertility, Childbirth and Magic, and the former wife of Odin and mother of Baldur.

How old is Freya?

Welcome back to my channel… Freya’s intro. Freya Nightingale (born August 31, 1993 (1993-08-31) [age 27]) is a British YouTuber, streamer, and friend of the Sidemen. She has been in a relationship with Zerkaa since 2010.

Who has a crush on Bell cranel?

Bell Cranel Ryuu first met Bell through Syr. Ever since then, Ryuu has helped Bell whenever he needed help, such as when he was trapped in Rivira and during the War Game with the Apollo Familia. Ryuu has been shown to have feelings for Bell ever since he grabbed her hands out of gratitude for finding the Hestia Knife.

Is Bell cranel related to Zeus?

Zeus (ゼウス) is the adoptive grandfather of Bell Cranel and the former head of the Zeus Familia.

What level is Bell cranel?

Bell Cranel (ベル・クラネル) is the main male protagonist and the captain of the Hestia Familia. After he leveled up to Level 2, he received the alias Little Rookie. Following his level up to Level 4, his alias was changed to Rabbit Foot.

Is AIS Wallenstein in love with Bell?

Ais has a friendly and positive relationship with Bell, frequently helping him and even accepting a request for a dance from him at Apollo’s ball, even though it was her first time dancing.

Who has the highest level in Danmachi?

The highest level in Danmachi is level 9, belonging to a female adventurer from Hera’s familia. Furthermore, there exists a level 8 male adventurer from Zeus’s familia called Maxim Captain (According to DanMemo), who, along with the former, defeated Ottar when he was just level 3.

Does Bell cranel kill the black dragon?

When Bell nears the Dragon, the Dragon itself cowers in fear. Maybe it’ll ask Bell to kill itself. Or the fight is pretty slow and weak, Bell lazily limps to stab or slash at the thing and the Dragon moves slow as crap. When Bell miraculously kills the thing, he doesn’t feel rewarded or satisfied.

Who is the other level 7 in DanMachi?

According to the Danmachi wikia Terminology page : “Most adventurers are Level 1, and currently the only Level 7s are Ottar of the Freya Familia and one other unknown person.”

Will Bell and AIZ be together?

Bell and Ais will end up together in the end as the story itself wills it. Bell gained the skill, Liaris Freese and gained a new lease on life thanks to her, whereas Ais came to terms with her emotions and feelings because of him. Bell already loves Ais, and it is only a matter of time before she realizes the same.

How old is Crozzo?


How old is Wallenstein?


Anime DanMachi
Age 16
Alias Sword Princess
Affiliation Loki Familia
Occupation Adventurer

What level is Welf Crozzo?

Blacksmith, Welf Crozzo Bell is level 2 now, and gods will give him new title. While he was trying to buy new armor he meet Welf Crozzo.

Is Hestia wrong?

Hestia (ヘスティア) is a Goddess and head of the Hestia Familia, the love interest of Bell Cranel, and the deuteragonist in Is It Wrong To Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. She is voiced in Japanese by Minase Inori who also voiced Nagisa Aizawa from My Monster Secret and in English by Luci Christian.

How old is Hestia is it wrong?


Age 18 year old
Likes Everything
Dislike Rude ppl and ppl talking behind her back
Personally The kind sexy girl
Quote “Remember these words… Pray, Belive, Live and Love”

Why did Hestia pass out?

Hestia suddenly faints with the unknown Goddess who released the Gorilla watching, implying it was her doing. As Hestia recovers Bell realises the Hestia Knife was forged by Hephaistos, meaning it was incredibly expensive and he swears to keep having faith in Hestia.

Does Bell have feelings for Hestia?

Bell Cranel Bell is Hestia’s first Familia member and love interest. Hestia appears to have been in love with Bell since he first joined her Familia, as no one wanted to join her and the two were alone in the world. Hestia also tends to sneak into his bed to sleep with him.

Is Hestia A Brigid?

In the Middle Ages, some argue that the goddess Brigid was syncretized with the Christian saint of the same name. Other examples include the Roman goddess Vesta, and other hearth-goddesses, such as Hestia. Both the goddess and saint are associated with holy wells, at Kildare and many other sites in the Celtic lands.

What did Hestia give?

HESTIA was the virgin goddess of the hearth (both private and municipal) and the home. As the goddess of the family hearth she also presided over the cooking of bread and the preparation of the family meal. Hestia was also the goddess of the sacrificial flame and received a share of every sacrifice to the gods.

Will Ryu join Hestia familia?

If Ryu joins Hestia familia, she and Bell will probably be Lv5 when that happens. Having two Lv5 members would make Hestia familia a high-ranking familia. So Ryu joining will automatically cause the familia to gain high-ranking status.