Does Battlefield 5 have bullet drop?

Does Battlefield 5 have bullet drop?

For Battlefield V, DICE is changing how its weapons work, and that means that bullets will always go exactly where you aim. The studio is dropping RBV, or “random bullet deviation,” from its physics model.

What does zeroing do in bf1?

Zeroing refers to calibrating a weapon sight so that the crosshairs meet the expected point of impact of the weapon’s projectile at a specific distance. When aiming at a target the same distance away, zero adjustment from the crosshairs is needed.

What distance should I zero my red dot?

50 yards

At what distance should I zero my rifle?

The most useful zero depends on the bullet’s trajectory and on how far you intend to shoot. For most big-game rifles, a 200-yard zero makes sense. Sight in there with a . 30-06 or a similar cartridge, and your bullet will stay within three vertical inches of point of aim out to 250 yards or so.

What is a good group at 100 yards?

Generally speaking, if a highly accurate rifle (sub inch group capable at 100 yards) is given to a “green” over enthusiastic teenage boy, he will usually shoot groups of 1.5” on average. A more astute teen will shoot groups of about 1”.

What is a good group at 400 yards?

Your 3.7# groups at 400 yards is . 883 MOA. More practice may get you a lot tighter groups. Also for a hunting rifle 3 shot groups are plenty IMHO since in a hunting situation you are very unlikely to shoot more than twice at an animal anyway.

How far can I shoot a muzzleloader?

200 yards

How accurate is a .22 at 100 yards?

You already know that the . 22LR cartridge is capable of better than 1 minute groups at 50 metres and 100 yards. In fact it will still shoot into 1 minute at 200 yards. At 300, it is certainly capable of 1.5 minute groups when the wind is not too turbulent.

What is the longest shot with a .22 rifle?

What is the longest accurate range for a 22 long rifle round shot out of a good quality rifle? Depends on the ammunition used. Your typical “high-velocity” . 22 like a Remington Golden Bullet, muzzle velocity about 1200 ft/s, will be accurate enough out to about 75 yards.

At what range should i zero a 22?

75 yards

What distance should I zero my 10 22?

25-50 yards