Did Shin Malphur die as a baby?

Did Shin Malphur die as a baby?

New destiny 2 lore reveals that shin died as a baby, and a guardianless ghost who was traveling with his family while they were trying to survive the fallen, felt a connection between him and the dead kid and revived him as a guardian.

Is the drifter a warlock?

The Drifter is very old. He was reawakened by the Traveler in a mysterious time of great suffering known as the Dark Age, long before Guardians like the player were revived. He isn’t a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock. He’s a Lightbearer — a soul revived by the Traveler — from a different time.

What class was Eris morn?

Eris Morn
Affiliation: Vanguard Hidden The Reef
Rank: Guardian
Class: Hunter (Bladedancer) (formerly)
Notable info: Expert on the Hive Sole survivor of the First Crota Fireteam

How did Shin Malphur become a guardian?

Apparently Shin Malphur is there when Jarren Ward dies (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and Jarren’s ghost passes on to Shin and he becomes a Guardian.

What is Drifters real name?

Todd Dredgen

Was Dredgen Yor a hunter or Titan?

He was a titan, but became a hunter as a disguise. He wore a cloak and took on the traits of one. It’s possible he even switched to hunter supers. The super just has to be learned.

Was Dredgen Yor a warlock?

Rezyl crafted the persona of Dredgen Yor to be a Hunter. His personality was very much changed to that of a Hunter’s. He was, for all intents and purposes, a Hunter.

Is Dredgen yor still alive?

Dredgen was killed by the guardian Shin Malphur at Dwindlers Ridge. If you haven’t spent the time, I would highly recommend reading the lore directly, as it is a very good bit of lore.

Was Rezyl Azzir a Titan?

Rezyl Azzir was a Titan that ventured through and became corrupted by The Darkness, and became one of the most feared and hated Guardians in history.

Is Eris morn a warlock?

Bungie has stated that she is a Warlock.

Is the drifter evil?

We learn that Drifter ran with the Shadows of Yor for a while but thought they were just as zealous and irritating, so now he’s selling them out to be captured. And in the end, you learn that really, the Drifter is not evil.

Is the Guardian an iron Lord?

The Guardian is a protector of the Last City and a new-generation Iron Lord, who has participated in numerous legendary battles to retake humanity’s past from various malevolent forces.

Is our guardian the most powerful?

Lore wise, our guardian is the most powerful. All these story missions and raids and strikes were done by us. For raids, our guardian brought 5 others and showed them how to do it, less powerful guardians.

Does our guardian die?

Our guardian dies by the one thing we fear the most… Eververse overpricing her inventory. The answer is pretty clearly no. Still, even though we know we’re probably not dead, it’s still cool that Bungie is playing with this idea.

Is Shaxx awoken?

Shaxx is human. He’s either an awoken, or a very charismatic human.

Is Shaxx a warlord?

WarlordEdit During the Dark Age, Shaxx was a Warlord, but unlike the others, he was kind and met Felwinter, who challenged him countless times, he didn’t trust the Iron Lords since their wars had left his people homeless.