Did 7 of 9 marry chakotay?

Did 7 of 9 marry chakotay?

By the time of the series finale, “Endgame”, The Doctor had managed to remove the implant, allowing Seven to pursue a relationship with Chakotay. The alternative future seen at the start of the episode showed that Seven and Chakotay were eventually married, but she died while Voyager was still travelling home.

Did the Borg Queen die?

That Queen apparently died in 2378, when a neurolytic pathogen was introduced into the Hive and wreaked havoc on a massive scale.

Who defeated the Borg?


Did Sisko forgive Picard?

At the end of the episode when he formally accepts the position from Picard you can tell that Sisko forgives Picard.

Do the Borg still exist in Picard?

In Star Trek: Picard, which takes place approximately 20 years after the defeat of the Borg in Star Trek: Voyager, the Romulans have acquired an entire Borg cube, the Borg’s primary form of starship, that has been disconnected from the Collective.

Why was Q afraid of Guinan?

The only time I noticed him being “afraid” of Guinan was when the continuum had stripped him of his power and made him human. At that point he was simply afraid of her taking revenge. Guinan has her hands up in a fighting stance as if there was something she could do to Q.

Why did DATA die in Picard?

Star Trek: Picard season 1 ended with a remarkable reshuffling of the TNG deck: Data died like a human being after Picard also died from his brain abnormality and was reborn in a synthetic body.

How many times has Picard died?

With two deaths, Star Trek: Picard not only writes a contemplative end for one of The Next Generation’s most beloved characters, but also opens up a new future for the Star Trek galaxy.

How did Picard die?

Shortly after graduation, Picard was stabbed in the heart by a Nausicaan, leaving the organ irreparable and requiring replacement with a parthenogenetic implant; this would prove near-fatal later. Picard eventually served as first officer aboard the USS Stargazer, which he later commanded.

Do Star Trek actors get royalties?

Well, for a series like Friends, the actors are said to pull in approximately 20 million dollars a year in residual payments. That is a far cry from the approximately $20,000 they made per episode filming the first season.

Is Star Trek discovery Cancelled?

Luckily for Star Trek: Discovery fans, the show has already been renewed for Season 4. In fact, Season 4 was announced back in October 2020, and production began on the new episodes in November. There are, however, a number of things that could delay Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 further into 2022.

Is Star Trek discovery before Kirk?

Discovery is set a decade before Kirk takes control of the Enterprise and heads out on the adventure that kicked this whole franchise off.

Is Star Trek discovery set before Kirk?

The first episode of Star Trek: Discovery takes place in 2255, a decade before the events of The Original Series. This means the first two seasons are set roughly 110 years before the events of The Next Generation, and roughly 100 years after the events of Enterprise.

Why did Star Trek get Cancelled?

The cast recalled that there was a noticeable drop in quality for episodes for the third season and, with ratings continuing to slide, NBC announced it was canceling Star Trek on February 18, 1969, when it was conspicuously absent from the network’s programming schedule for the 1969-1970 television season.

Who is the richest Star Trek actor?

  • William Shatner, $100 million.
  • Leonard Nimoy, $45 million.
  • DeForest Kelley, $5 million.
  • James Doohan, $7 million.
  • Nichelle Nichols, $8 million.
  • George Takei, $12 million.
  • Walter Koenig, $8 million.
  • Majel Barrett, $60 million-plus.

How many of the original Star Trek actors are still alive?


Who owns the Star Trek franchise?


How much is the Star Trek franchise worth?

Estimated financial comparisons

Franchise Year of inception Total revenue
Star Trek 1966 $7.8 billion (as of 1998)
Star Wars 1977 $42 Billion (as of 2015)

Is Star Trek owned by Disney?

Disney, a company specializing in the production of children’s films, has never owned the Star Trek brand and probably never will, as it currently belongs to VIACOM-CBS.

Does Paramount still own Star Trek?

It was therefore National Amusements – or rather its full owner, to wit, the Redstone family – which was and still is the legal end owner of the entire Star Trek franchise, as it has been ever since the former Viacom acquired Paramount in 1994.