Can you play days gone after you beat it?

Can you play days gone after you beat it?

Exploring the world of Days Gone can be done even once the player is done with the game.

Do you have to kill hordes in days gone?

No, you don’t have to fight with every Horde. Check the Game Basics chapter to learn how to fight with Hordes. The platinum trophy for Days Gone requires you to defeat only one Horde. Do that, and you will unlock One Down trophy. Attacking other Hordes is completely optional.

Do hordes regenerate in days gone?

As of patch 1.60, it’s now possible to reset hordes in Days Gone and face them again. Even if you aren’t into Days Gone, you can probably still relate if you’ve ever gotten hooked on other open-world titles (for me, Far Cry).

Why did Boozer kill himself?

The plan is for both Deacon and Boozer to lead the charge by ramming a large truck into the camp’s front gates. As the truck approaches, Boozer pushes Deacon off the vehicle as he continues to drive on. The truck explodes into flames, and Boozer presumably dies since he doesn’t seem to be able to jump out in time.

Is Boozer deacon brother?

Boozer was later introduced to Deacon’s girlfriend named Sarah Whitaker, a botanist where the two became close friends and he came to regard her as a ‘little sister’. Deacon later chose to become Nomad, this decision upset the majority of his brothers within the MC, apart from Boozer who remained loyal towards him.

What does the ending of days gone mean?

The Days Gone Secret Ending has some serious ramifications for the serious, as it introduces a new element to the Freaker virus. O’Brian reveals that his higher ups at Nero, who have been researching the virus, have known all along that the virus has been mutating.

Who died days gone?

Jesse “Carlos” Williamson – Throat slit by Deacon. Iron Mike – Dies from his wounds after militia’s assault at Lost Lake camp. Skizzo – Throat slit by Deacon for his betrayal. Colonel Mark Garreth – Poisoned by Sarah by putting a hemlock on his teacup.

Can you get a dog in days gone?

Yes, in Days Gone you can pet the dog, however, this becomes available only during a cutscene initiated after you make sufficient progress in the story campaign. You have to complete main missions until you start the Have It Your Way mission. During this mission, Deacon is looking for a pup for Boozer.

What happened to O’Brian days gone?

Events of Days Gone. Sometime later, it is revealed that O’Brian is still alive and working for N.E.R.O., now a lieutenant. He is part of a recon team investigating Freakers out in the wild. O’Brian is found by Deacon, whom he soon recognizes, and ultimately decides to help him find out what happened to his wife.

How many endings are in days gone?

There is more than one end for Deacon in this open-world post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, Days Gone. Deacon travels hundreds of miles on his motorcycle through this post-apocalyptic Oregon that is plagued with freakers. Though this game already has over 30 hours of gameplay, there is still more left to explore.

Can you skip the sawmill horde?

On the story mission when you are facing off against the horde at old sawmill if you die enough times the game will ask you if you want to skip the sequence and all the freakers will die where they’re at.

Can you kill Nero soldiers days gone?

Their heavily armored suits protect them from all weapons fire, and they cannot be killed in-game.

What happens when you kill all hordes in days gone?

There are a total of 40 hordes roaming around the forest and you’ve probably killed at least a few during the main story. These hordes don’t respawn and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Do the camps a favor and take them out. Grab the best weapons you can find, load up on ammo, grab some napalm and go to town.

Is days gone really that bad?

Days Gone is by far the weakest Sony-backed PS4 exclusive to have come out in a while. Doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just not particularly great. It takes inspiration from Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, and plenty other games, but fails to find its own voice or sense of charm.

What are the biggest hordes in days gone?

Days Gone: The 10 Most Challenging Hordes (& Their Location)

  1. 1 Old Sawmill Horde.
  2. 2 Chemult Horde.
  3. 3 ‘What It Takes To Survive’ Horde.
  4. 4 ‘Keep Them Save’ Horde.
  5. 5 Sagebrush Point Horde.
  6. 6 Rimview Ranch Horde.
  7. 7 Chemult Community College Horde.
  8. 8 White King Mine Horde.

Is there any cheats for days gone?

The codes in the Days Gone game will provide you with health points, collectible items or you can also unlock some of your skills….Days Gone PS4 Cheats.

Code Description
Marauder Camp Hunter Complete the Marauder Camp Hunter storyline
Make it Rain Spend 20,000 credits at one Encampment

What is the secret weapon in days gone?

Crafting it with all the tech you find will give you the IPCA stun gun originally used by Siphon Filter star Gabe Logan (a PS1 era Sony Bend game). It’s even got Gabe’s initials on it. It’ll not only stun enemies you hit, but eventually also set fire to them if you don’t let go of the trigger.

What’s the best gun in days gone?

15 Best Weapons In Days Gone

  1. 1 Chicago Chopper. Styled on the famous Tommy Gun, this is the best weapon that a player can get in Days Gone.
  2. 2 . 50 BFG.
  3. 3 Stinger SMG.
  4. 4 MWS.
  5. 5 PPSH-41.
  6. 6 PDW.
  7. 7 Boozer’s Shotgun.
  8. 8 Drifter Crossbow.

Who should I bring the drug stash to in days gone?

During a story mission in Days Gone called Price on Your Head, you’ll have the option to give Leon’s Drug Stash to either Copeland or Tucker’s Camp, bringing with it extra Trust. For more regarding camps in Days Gone be sure to consult the Best Camps to Invest In.