Will a GameCube work without a memory card?

Will a GameCube work without a memory card?

I often get asked if purchasing a memory card to accompany a Gamecube is a good idea. The answer is a definitive yes. While you can still play your games without having a memory card, it’s not recommended as you’ll have to start your games over each time you play.

Should I buy a GameCube in 2020?

So should you buy a GameCube in 2020? Short Answer: Yes! The main reasons I decided to buy a GameCube again was the affordability of the console and the games, the amazing selection of exclusive singleplayer games, and that you might be able to convince your loved ones that your collection is a “long-term investment”.

Should I buy Wii or Wii U?

If you want to play Wii and Wii U games with the added benefit of native HDMI, get a Wii U. Keep in mind that Wii U’s can’t play GameCube games without being modded. If it were me, I’d buy the Wii because a bunch of Wii U games got Switch ports. Some of their games are actually pretty good, it can play wii, and has VC.