Why do games take so long to download on switch?

Why do games take so long to download on switch?

Why Does It Take Long To Download A Game On Nintendo Switch? If your wireless network as a 5.0 GHz connection tries connecting to 5.0 GHz. 2.4GHz is infamous for having bad connection speeds, also Nintendo servers are notoriously bad compared to PS/Xbox Live and other game servers.

What is the max download speed for Nintendo switch?

Nintendo Switch internet speed requirementsRequired minimum download speed:3 MbpsRequired minimum upload speed:1 MbpsMaximum allowable ping rate:N/A (Estimated 150 ms)1 more row•

How long does it take to download a Nintendo switch game?

Quora User, Nintendo Switch owner. Well the game is around 13 GB and depending on how you connect to the internet you will likely have between 30 Mbps (default wireless) to 80 Mbps (best possible ethernet adapter that I know of currently on the market). My guess is you would land somewhere between 30 min – 1 hour.

Can I play games on switch while downloading?

Downloads will continue in the background, even while playing games. If needed, you can open Download Management during gameplay and pause any downloads.