Why did Marlo kill Prop Joe in the wire?

Why did Marlo kill Prop Joe in the wire?

Joe was the link to the Greek and Marlo offed him to cut out Joe as the middle man pretty much. The whole co-op thing was Marlo’s out to get to the Greek from jump street…

What happened to Prop Joe on the wire?

Chew, best known for playing Joseph “Proposition Joe” Stewart on HBO’s The Wire, died in his sleep of apparent heart failure at his Baltimore home, his sister Clarice told the Baltimore Sun.

Why did cheese betray Prop Joe?

Joe believes that he has escaped further involvement with Omar, and despite Stanfield’s offering a bounty on anyone connected to Omar, Joe does not reveal Omar’s connection to Butchie. However, Cheese betrays Joe for the reward money, and Stanfield has his enforcers murder Butchie.

Who kills Prop Joe?

Joseph Proposition Joe Stewart, the rotund, businesslike drug lord of Baltimore’s East Side, was killed last night in his home by Marlo Stanfield and his lieutenant Chris Partlow.