What is the most expensive video game ever sold?

What is the most expensive video game ever sold?

Super Mario Bros. 3

What is the most expensive food in the world?

Eight of the world’s most expensive foodsSaffron. If your rice is luminous yellow, then the chances are it’s been sharing a saucepan with saffron. Caviar. Caviar is the pickled roe of the sturgeon fish, and considered one of the world’s great delicacies. Oysters. White Truffle. Iberico ham. Wagyu beef. Kopi Luwak coffee. Foie gras.

What is the rarest food on earth?

The Rarest & Most Expensive Food In The World 16th April, 2018Kobe Beef. While beef is hardly an exclusive or rare foodstuff, Kobe beef is far from ordinary. Fugu. Densuke Black Watermelon. Early Season Matsutake Mushrooms. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence.

Which is the cheapest food in the world?

No matter where in the world you’re headed, we bet you’re looking forward to a delicious meal or two….Kaiten-zushi, Japan. Nasi goreng, Indonesia. Bunny chow, South Africa. Fish and chips, England. Thali,India. Pho, Vietnam. Ice cream, Cuba. Tajine, Morocco.

What is the most expensive thing in the grocery store?

Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and cheese are the most expensive items at supermarkets, data show.

Are the groceries on Supermarket Sweep real?

According to an ABC press release, the grocery store where the series is filmed is a real one, built “from the ground up” for the purpose of entertainment. The shelves are stocked with real food and “big-ticket items” for competitors to toss in their carts.

How much does a family of two spend on groceries a month?

How much is the average grocery bill for two? The average couple spends an average of $625 per month on groceries. This totals $7,500 per year. These figures are according to the USDA’s moderate-cost plan.

What vegetables are expensive?

Here are five of the most expensive vegetables money can buy.Hop Shoots – $426 per pound.La Bonnotte Potatoes – $320 per pound. Wasabi Root – $73 per pound. Yamashita Spinach – $13 per pound. Pink lettuce – $10 per pound.

What vegetable makes the most money?

The 10 Most Expensive and Profitable Vegetables to Grow…Spring Onions / Scallions. Radishes. Runner Beans. French / Green Beans. Beetroot. Asparagus. Leeks. Cucumbers.

What is the fastest growing vegetable?

5 Super Speedy VegetablesRadishes. Sowing to harvest: 25 days. Radishes are one of the fastest vegetables, taking just three to four weeks to reach harvest time. Salad leaves. Sowing to harvest: 21 days. Bush beans. Sowing to harvest: 60 days. Carrots. Sowing to harvest: 50 days. Spinach. Sowing to harvest: 30 days.