What is the fastest way to get money in Fable anniversary?

What is the fastest way to get money in Fable anniversary?

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How do you get all the Hero dolls in fable?

All of the dolls must be won by playing and winning various tavern games in several of the settlements (with the exception of the Thunder doll, which can be purchased at the Arena and Bowerstone North).

How do you get rich in fable?

Just as in Fable and Fable:TLC, it is possible to earn money using your trophies.Buy a house with one or more trophy mounts.Break the door down to avoid vandalism charges after you sell it.Put up your trophy(ies).Sell the house.Go back in to the house and take the trophy(ies) back.

How do you fish in Fable anniversary?

To use the fishing rod, stand in front of the fishing spot of your choice and press the appropriate D-Pad button to cast the line. Wait until the meter in the top right corner shows a fish on the line and repeatedly tap the A or Left Mouse Buttons until you catch the fish.

Where is the witch in bowerstone?

Finale (Ding Dong!) From the Picnic Area, use your Guild Seal and port to Bowerstone South and back to Bowerstone Quay. The Witch will be waiting by her Cauldron this time, talk to her and give her the mushrooms.

Where can I find the biggest fish in fable?

re: your biggest fish 894.7g off the coast of oakvale near the docks.

How do you win fishing competition in fable?

For this achievement, you can either win first prize in the Fishing Competition or complete a quest with a naked boast. The Fisherman Competition is located in Fisher Creek, which you can access from Greatwood Entrance. Enter this area, defeat the enemies, and then talk to the man to start fishing lessons.

Where is Fisher Creek fable?

Fisher Creek is a secluded location just off of Greatwood Entrance in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. The first time the Hero enters the area, he must save the resident Fisherman from a Wasp attack, and will receive a free Fishing Rod and some Fishing Lessons in return.

Where do you get books in Fable anniversary?

You Are Not a Bad Person – Darkwood Camp Trader, Oakvale shop, Bowerstone North shop, and Hook Coast shop. Also can be found in a house in the SW area of Bowerstone South.

How do you use books in fable?

Top Voted AnswerGo to Hero Status.Go to Logbook.On the very bottom is books click on it.Go over the book you want to read with the pointer and you can read it.

What Happened to the Heroes Guild in fable?

The surviving Heroes fled into the woods and the Guild was no more. Through the passage of time, what was left of the Guild sank into the ground and was buried beneath what would become known as Bower Lake.

How do I get rid of book of spells in Fable?

AnswersThe Book of Spells cannot be gotten rid of, but this is not a problem because it only means that you need to acquire other books the teacher does not yet have. Here is a list of the books the Teacher requires for the Book quest: the book of spells is selected with the book quest (roght?…)

How do you assign magic in Fable anniversary?

Got to the pause menu, change you control setting to “traditional,” what this does is when you he R, the A, X, and B buttons are spells, and Y cycles to the next set of three. You can change the order and position at the skill tab of the back button menu.

Will Fable 4 ever happen?

Fable 4 is finally a reality. After months nay years of speculation and rumour, Microsoft announced the fourth entry in the series, and it’s technically just simply called Fable.

Is the hero of Oakvale still alive?

In Fable II, after 500 years, the Hero of Oakvale is dead. He doesn’t make any appearances in the game, but is mentioned in some books and stories. Also, Theresa is alive, which is impossible if the Hero wielded the Sword of Aeons, as it required him to kill her to wield it.

Is Reaver the hero from Fable 1?

Reaver isn’t the original hero, that dude is either dead or living it up somewhere where we can’t interact with him. Fable 1 ends, with the original hero doing whatever he wants. 4. Fast forward a few centuries, and a villager from Oakvale comes upon the shadow court.

How did the hero of bowerstone die?

In the same year, Reaver, the Hero of Skill and old ally of the King, returned to Albion after a 43-year long expedition to Samarkand with Garth, a Will user and friend of the King as well. When the Hero of Bowerstone was 73 years of age, he died peacefully in his sleep.

Can you kill Reaver in Fable 2?

Reaver leaves his home behind in both Fable II and Fable III. In Fable II, after Reaver leaves for Samarkand, Bloodstone Mansion is abandoned and can be bought by the Hero of Bowerstone, although Reaver leaves a heated letter behind for the “usurper”, stating he will kill him or her and take back what’s rightfully his.

Can you marry page Fable 3?

Lies, you can’t marry page, and there’s no special anything with Ellise/Elliot if they die. If they die, you never hear or speak about them again. The only “uniques” are Ellise/Elliot and Veronica/whatever her husband’s name is, they will show up with the rest of your followers. None of the other wives/husbands will.

Can you marry whisper in fable?

And you can’t marry Whisper. Again, you might be able to use modding to marry a villager with Whispers model, but not voice.