What is the best starter deck in Pokemon Trading Card Game?

What is the best starter deck in Pokemon Trading Card Game?

Wave Slasher. A great starting point for any TCG beginners, Wave Slasher is a good balance between Grass and Water types. Greninja negates enemy abilities, which can be game-winning against certain decks. Such a large variety of different Pokémon (and their evolutions) make this a must-have for any player!

What is the difference between starter and structure deck?

Like Starter Decks, Structure Decks contain everything you need to start playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, and each Structure Deck with the same name contains the exact same cards. But unlike Starter Decks, Structure Decks are designed for more advanced Duelists.

What is a starter deck?

Starter Decks (Japanese: スターターデッキ Sutātā Dekki) are pre-constructed decks usually styled after a specific character's Deck, though this does not always ring true. The original Starter decks (before Starter Deck 2006) had 50 cards, but the newest usually have 40-45 cards each.

What is the most popular TCG game?

Magic: The Gathering trading card gameSince making its debut in 1993, the Magic: The Gathering trading card game (TCG) has spread across the world. According to the publishers Wizards of the Coast, Inc (USA) – a subsidiary of Hasbro – the game is now played globally by an estimated 20 million-plus players.

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